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Star Hounds: The Classic Space Adventure

(A book in the Star Hounds series)
An omnibus of novels by

Star Hounds, the classic space adventure series in print once again after more than 25 years. And for the first time, all three original novels in one single omnibus, plus a new forth book that continues the adventure into the new millennium! The Infinite Battle - Woman Against Universe ? (Book 1): Laura Shemzak. Irreverent, rebellious, beautiful. A woman with an impossible mission: to rescue her beloved brother, the most brilliant physicist of the Galactic Federation, from the clutches of alien invaders, the Jaxdron. To succeed, Laura must gain control of a top-secret Mark XT ?blip-ship?. And to do that, she is forced into an uneasy alliance with the notorious space pirate, the bitter, cynical Captain Tars Northern. Galactic Warriors ? A Universe Torn By War ? (Book 2): In the empty depths between the stars, ace-pilot Laura Shemzak struggles on to save her brother from the alien Jaxdron ? all while managing her own problems with brooding Starship Captain Tars Northern. Is he just her captain, or is there more to their relation? And what of the moody and dangerous alien Shon'till's search for his lost race, the Frin?ral? Clues emerge when a Frin?ral derelict is discovered floating adrift. The alien spacecraft may reveal what happened to the mysterious Frin'ral? that is, if the Starbow and its crew survive its deadly secrets. The Macrocosmic Conflict ? Duel Across the Galaxy ? (Book 3): Laura Shemzak and Tars Northern continue their fight against an odious Federation, which succumbs to the vile machinations of its leader, Arnal Zarpfrin. Together Laura and Tars continue a crusade of justice against both the Federation and Jaxdron locked in a bizarre apocalyptic war. But as they fight on, a new ally is discovered. Strange beings, the Aspach, emerge from the ashes of Northern?s past and offer clues about the Starbow and the puzzle of its creation. The Planet Killer - The Classic Series enters NOW Space ? (Book4): Laura Shemzak is still hot and ready to party.... But with her handsome brother Calspar? Uhm, time to cool those rockets! And the Federation? Arnal Zarpfrin still schemes to capture that damned Tars Northern, his ship the Starbow and its crew. But there's a joker in this new deck. One deathly serious -- a brain that used to be a man named Dr. Harla Zox. And this Joker packs a sinister power, one capable of destroying entire planets. The cards have been dealt, and with the Jaxdron, Frin?ral and Aspach still in the game, the stakes are now higher than ever before.

Genre: Science Fiction

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