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An avid reader for as long as she can remember, Diane Benefiel has always favored stories with strong female characters who went on adventures and could think themselves out of the most dangerous situations. It’s no surprise that those are the kinds of books she enjoys writing.

Diane loves the outdoors and reflects this passion in her books. Born and raised in southern California, family vacations invariably meant camping in locations ranging from Big Sur to Death Valley. Her debut novel is set in a fictional town in one of her favorite areas, the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Her love of travel took her to Sweden as an exchange student when she was sixteen and backpacking around Great Britain (after a week in Paris) while in college. Taking the kids on a cross country road trip would have turned out better if the last Harry Potter novel hadn’t just been released. They remember Harry searching for horcruxes more than camping in a cornfield in Illinois.

When not writing exciting tales of women in danger, Diane spends her time at her day job (teaching US History), gardening, and bugging her husband to finish the house remodel. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America. Show Less

New and upcoming books
May 2024

Secret Lies
(Payback Mountain, book 3)
High Sierras
   1. Flash Point (2018)
   2. Dead Giveaway (2018)
   3. Already Gone (2018)
   4. Not known
   5. Deadly Purpose (2019)
   6. Clear Intent (2019)
   7. Break Away (2019)
Jamesons, US Marshals
   1. Hidden Betrayal (2019)
   2. Hidden Judgment (2020)
   3. Hidden Loyalty (2021)
Payback Mountain
   1. Dangerous Secrets (2022)
   2. Honest Secrets (2023)
   3. Secret Lies (2024)
   Shot Through the Heart (2015)
   Solitary Man (2016)
   Borrowed Time (2020)
   Rescued (2018) (with others)
   Heart Beat (2020) (with others)

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