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Genres: Western
The Adventures of the Bronze Buckaroo (2018) (with Christopher Alan Chambers, Michael Gonzales, John Lutz, Percy Spurlark Parker, Gary Phillips and Robert J Randisi)
Non fiction
Out of the Woodpile (1991)
Popular Culture, Crime, and Justice (1997) (with Donna C Hale)
Law Never Here (1999)
Media Representations of September 11th (2003) (with Michelle Brown and Steven M Chermak)
Blood on Her Hands (2003) (with Donna C Hale)
Famous American Crimes and Trials (2004)
Crimes and Trials of the Century (2007) (with Steven Chermak)
Wicked Albany (2009) (with Alice P Green)
Wicked Danville (2011) (with Alice P Green)