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Gordon Bonnet has been writing fiction for decades. Encouraged when his story "Crazy Bird Bends His Beak" won critical acclaim in Mrs. Moores 1st grade class at Central Elementary School in St. Albans, West Virginia, he embarked on a long love affair with the written word. His interest in the paranormal goes back almost that far. Introduced to speculative, fantasy, and science fiction by such giants in the tradition as Madeleine LEngle, Lloyd Alexander, Isaac Asimov, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien, he was captivated by those writers abilities to take the reader to a fictional world and make it seem tangible, to breathe life and passion and personality into characters who were (sometimes) not even human. He made journeys into darker realms upon meeting the works of Edgar Allen Poe and H. P. Lovecraft during his teenage years, and those authors still influence his imagination and his writing to this day. This fascination with the paranormal, however, has always been tempered by Gordons scientific training. This has led to a strange duality his work as a skeptic and debunker on the popular blog Skeptophilia, while simultaneously writing paranormal and speculative novels, novellas, and short stories. Gordon explains this, with a smile: Well, I do know its fiction, after all. He blogs daily, and is never without a piece of fiction in progress driven to continue (as he puts it) because I want to find out how the story ends. From historical fiction (Kári the Lucky), to murder mysteries (the Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, beginning with Poison the Well), to paranormal fiction with a humorous twist (Periphery and Lock & Key) to the truly terrifying (Convection and The Conduit), Gordons fiction has something for all tastes!

Genres: Mystery, Horror
New Books
Snowe Agency
   1. Poison the Well (2017)
   2. The Dead Letter Office (2018)
   3. Face Value (2018)
   4. Past Imperfect (2019)
   5. Room for Wrath (2019)
   6. The Obituary Collector (2020)
   7. Slings & Arrows (2020)
Boundary Solution
   1. Lines of Sight (2018)
   2. Whistling in the Dark (2020)
   3. Fear No Colors (2021)
   Kill Switch (2015)
   Lock & Key (2015)
   Sephirot (2016)
   Gears (2016)
   Signal to Noise (2017)
   The Fifth Day (2018)
   The Shambles (2019)
   Descent Into Ulthoa (2021)
   Kari the Lucky (2021)
   The Communion of Shadows (2023)
   Behind the Frame (2023)

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