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Writing is a passion for Jeff Buick.

He gets cranky when other things get in the way and he has to close his laptop for more than a few days. Hes written eighteen books and more are in the pipeline. They move fast and have an equal mixture of character and plot. He writes what he likes to read, and what he thinks would play out well on the big screen.

But Jeffs writing is changing. His latest book, One Child, published through Enthrill Entertainment, is much more socially aware. The fast pace that defines his writing is still there, but the experiences in his life over the past few years are shaping the direction of the plot and the characters.

The death of his wife, Teresa, in 2003 had a huge impact on Jeff. It taught him the value of human life and the importance of being proactive with the time you have. The birth of his first granddaughter, Mikayla, was another defining moment and reaffirmed how precious life is.

Enthrill Entertainment, Jeffs publishing company, will concentrate on building charity from the grass roots up. Planting the philanthropic seed and watching it grow.

Jeffs busy. Writing his nineteenth book. Delivering keynote speeches, attending charitable fundraisers, traveling, researching and learning. Still, despite all the incredible things happening in his life, writing remains the one foundation that anchors everything. A bit like air to a scuba diver.

And one thing is for certain. Wherever he is today Jeff is writing.

Awards: ITW (2021)  see all
Bobby Greco
   0.5. No End of Bad Guys (2019)
   1. One is Evil (2019)
Curtis Westcott
   1. A Killing Game (2020)
   2. The Wrong Side of Murder (2021)
   3. The Vulture Fund (2023)
   Bloodline (2005)
   Lethal Dose (2005)
   African Ice (2006)
   Shell Game (2007)
   Delicate Chaos (2008)
   The Krubera Conspiracy (2022)

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