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Laura Burton

Laura Burton writes romance novels that are sweet and thrilling.

She hates seeing the same stories rehashed over and over and loves to let her characters take the wheel during the writing process. This can lead to unexpected twists and turns!

Having spent too many nights binge-watching TV shows and movies, her attention span is shorter than a goldfish. So you won't find filler, loads of backstory or dull scenes in her books. Life is too short to be trudging through muddy pages.

Laura's books are packed with sizzling chemistry, swoon-worthy smooches, adventure, old-fashioned bad guys, and delightfully happy endings. Guaranteed.

Readers often praise her books for their originality, humour, and addictive narrative. Looking for fast-paced, easy-to-read stories about finding The One? You're in the right place.

Take a ride with Sassy heroines, gold-hearted heroes, and indulge in some true escapism.

Genres: Romance

   Fall into Love (2022) (with Susanne Ash, Tracy Broemmer, Kristin Canary, Kandice E Geddes, Genevieve Goodwin, Cindy Ray Hale, Ash Keller, Anne Kemp, Britney M Mills, Amy Stephens, Bethany Strobel and Elsie Woods)