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Leah Brunner writes romantic comedies sure to make you laugh out loud!

As a child, Leah's parents always told her she lived in her own little world and was oblivious to reality. The real world was simply too mundane for her. Writing was one way she could share her little world with others.

Leah is technically an adult now, but still spends about 95% of her time daydreaming. The other 5% is spent writing, petting her Maine Coon cat, and wishing she was ice skating.

Although she's a Kansas girl at heart, Leah is a proud Air Force spouse and currently lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.

Genres: Romance
New and upcoming books
Under Kansas Skies
   1. Running Mate (2021)
     aka A Love Unexpected
   2. House Mate (2021)
     aka A Love Uncontainable
   3. Check Mate (2022)
   4. Cabin Mate (2022)

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