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Ali Hazelwood is a multi-published author--alas, of peer-reviewed articles about brain science, in which no one makes out and the ever after is not always happy. Originally from Italy, she lived in Germany and Japan before moving to the U.S. to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience. She recently became a professor, which absolutely terrifies her. When Ali is not at work, she can be found running, crocheting, eating cake pops, or watching sci-fi movies with her two feline overlords (and her slightly-less-feline husband).

Genres: Romance
New Books
January 2023

Loathe to Love You
(STEMinist Novellas)
Ali Hazelwood recommends
The Love Con (2021)
Seressia Glass
"The Love Con is a laugh-out-loud, tropetastic, sexy love-letter to fandom, women's geek culture, and everyone who's ever been unapologetically passionate about something. With friends-to-lovers, fake-dating, mutual pining, and the most delicious steam, this book makes for a fantastic read. I cannot wait for what Seressia Glass writes next!"
Weather Girl (2022)
Rachel Lynn Solomon
"Rachel Lynn Solomon has crafted a magical story that celebrates hope, resilience, and love. My forecast: read it, and you'll be on cloud nine."
Mr. Wrong Number (2022)
Lynn Painter
"If you find me wheeze-laughing on the floor, I'm thinking about Mr. Wrong Number. If you find me fanning myself, I'm thinking about Mr. Wrong Number. If you find me dreamily staring into the distance, I'm thinking about Mr. Wrong Number. Because Mr. Wrong Number is the most sidesplittingly funny, shenanigan-packed, sexual tension-filled book I've read in a long, long time. I dare you not to fall in love with Olivia and Colin, but most of all I dare you not to fall in love with Lynn Painter's writing!"
Go Hex Yourself (2022)
Jessica Clare
"Go Hex Yourself is one of those books: the ones you read even though you should be getting ready for work; the ones you cannot help telling your friends about; the ones that make you giggle out loud on the bus; the ones that are so addictively charming, engaging, cinematic, you just cross your fingers and hope someone will turn them into a movie. And that's because Go Hex Yourself is a romantic masterpiece, and the sexiest, most bewitching take on enemies to lovers I've read in ages. I want to live in the worlds Jessica Clare creates, and I cannot wait for her next book."
Book Lovers (2022)
Emily Henry
"Magical, delightful, and utterly one of a kind: Emily Henry's writing is a gift to the world. I've loved every single one of her books more than the previous, to the point that I cannot wait to see what her next title will do to me!"
Set on You (2022)
(Influencer, book 1)
Amy Lea
"Just the right dose of delicious steam. Amy Lea has crafted an ode to all of us who struggle with self-acceptance while remaining determined to love ourselves."
The Beach Trap (2022)
Ali Brady
"An enchanting, heartwarming story about the families we're born into--and the families we choose for ourselves. The Beach Trap is full of beauty, and hope, and reminders that it's never too late to roll up our sleeves and rise above the mistakes we made. I cheered, I cried, I swooned while reading about Blake and Kat, and their journeys to finding love, to finding themselves, and to becoming the sisters they were always meant to be. Take this book on vacation with you, and let its heart and humor sweep you off your feet!"
The Dead Romantics (2022)
Ashley Poston
"I LOVED this book. A beautiful, poignant story, full of beautiful, poignant characters. Florence is exactly the type of lovable, endearing, relatable lead I want to fall for, and her journey through learning how to love again had me squealing, sighing, laughing. The Dead Romnatics is like a beautifully crafted puzzle: at the end all the pieces fall perfectly into place, and the picture that they form is at once touching, funny, breathtaking, hopeful, and dreamy."
The Girl on the 88 Bus (2022)
Freya Sampson
"The characters are relatable and lovable; the story is uplifting and romantic, full of emotions and heart, celebrating the importance of making human connections and embracing our dreams. This book is my happy place!"
Lucie Yi Is Not A Romantic (2022)
Lauren Ho
"Funny, sharp, and uniquely voicy, Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic is what happens when an uber talented writer tackles important subjects with humor and charm! I cried and cheered and rooted for Lucie in her journey and determination to seize happiness--and in her discovery that maybe she is, after all, a romantic! I am simply in awe of the way Lauren Ho blends women's fiction and romance. I adored Last Tang Standing, I loved Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic, and I cannot wait to see what Lauren Ho gifts us next!"
Bend Toward the Sun (2022)
Jen Devon
"All my favorite tropes in a heart-warming, sensual, beautifully written package. Jen Devon has given us a steamy romance about humans' ability to grow and heal, and about the power of love. I cannot wait to laugh, cry, lose myself in her future books."
Love in the Time of Serial Killers (2022)
Alicia Thompson
"Alicia Thompson read my mind and gifted me with the true-crime loving, grad-student protagonist of my heart! Unique, sexy, hilarious, charming, Love in The Time of Serial Killers is to die for: the perfect beach read for anyone who loves witty banter, intelligent plotting, and compelling characters. Let Phoebe and Sam's hilarious interactions and blazing chemistry suck you in. The true crime is NOT reading this novel!"
Luck and Last Resorts (2022)
Sarah Grunder Ruiz
"Romantic, voicy, and full of heart and humor! Sarah Grunder Ruiz is a master at putting beautifully complex characters in beautifully compelling situations. If you want to fall in love with a book, look no further than this one."
Would You Rather (2022)
Allison Ashley
" me all the feels, and I love every one of them!"
The American Roommate Experiment (2022)
Elena Armas
"Elena Armas is the undisputed queen of slow burn, steamy, deliciously swoony romcoms - everything she writes is utterly delightful and has me squeeing in pure joy. Reading The American Roommate Experiment was some of the best-spent hours of my life, and I cannot wait to see what Elena has in store for us next!"
The Decoy Girlfriend (2022)
Lillie Vale
"Much like Lillie Vale's debut, The Decoy Girlfriend is voicy, witty, and fulfilling authentic. Lillie Vale knows exactly how to write relatable characters with sizzling chemistry and mix humor and longing in her stories. The Decoy Girlfriend is the irresistible fake-dating romcom of my heart--an absolute must read!"
Do You Take This Man (2022)
Denise Williams
"If, hypothetically, Denise Williams decided to establish an academy (let's call it The University of DW) and offered courses on how to write pent-up sexual tension, steamy banter, and enemies to lovers, I would burst into the classroom and yell 'TAKE MY MONEY!!' The writing is unmatched, the chemistry is on fire, and Do You Take This Man has one of the steamiest, most addictive, most satisfyingly hard-earned happily-ever-after I've read in ages!"
The Make-Up Test (2022)
Jenny L Howe
"Original, clever, sizzling, The Make-Up Test is the perfect mix of unique settings, lovable characters, and the exquisite agony of second chance romances. It's the grad school, rivals-to-lover book of my wildest, sexiest dreams! I'll read anything Jenny Howe writes!"
Two Wrongs Make a Right (2022)
(Wilmot Sisters, book 1)
Chloe Liese
"I am deeply in awe of Chloe Liese's spectacular talent for creating characters that make readers feel seen. Two Wrongs Make A Right is the perfect romcom: a stunning mix of hilarious tropes, swoony romance, and lovable, relatable characters. A must read for every romance lover!"
The Fraud Squad (2023)
Kyla Zhao
"Immersive, cinematic, and exquisitely fun! The Fraud Squad is the perfect debut, full of high society hijinks, high-stakes, and the joy of finding oneself. A delightful, transportive ride, and the New Adult book I was waiting for!"
Georgie, All Along (2023)
Kate Clayborn
"Magnetic, witty, and expansive. The world is going to fall hard for this deliciously whimsical and captivating story, and I cannot wait to see it!"
The Foxglove King (2023)
(Nightshade Crown, book 1)
Hannah Whitten
"The Foxglove King is beautifully written, lushly cinematic, unsettlingly mysterious--an unputdownable story of humans and gods. Hannah Whitten has built a world that is as dark as it is fascinating, romantic and disturbing. If you like found families, courtly intrigue, high-stake secrets, hot priests, powerful characters who are on a journey to accepting themselves and learning to wield their powers, and a dash (okay, more than that) of necromancy, The Foxglove King will be the book of your dreams--and your nightmares."
The Plus One (2023)
Mazey Eddings
"Mazey Eddings's writing is authentic, emotional, and intensely romantic! To me, it's like a Taylor Swift song in book form."
Yours Truly (2023)
(Part of Your World, book 2)
Abby Jimenez
"Abby Jimenez's words...sprinkle humor and warmth all over my life."
In the Case of Heartbreak (2023)
(Fern Falls, book 2)
Courtney Kae
"Treat yourself to the beautiful magic of Courtney Kae's writing!."

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