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Lynne Barrett-Lee

UK flag (b.1959)

Lynne Barrett-Lee was born in London and is married with three children. She has always written in her spare time, and her short stories and articles have been published in women's magazines for several years. Her novels are the acclaimed JULIA GETS A LIFE, VIRTUAL STRANGERS, ONE DAY, SOMEDAY and STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING and she writes full-time. In 1994 she and her family moved to Cardiff, where the singing never stops, the sun always shines, and the Welsh rugby team always wins.

Genres: Inspirational
Series contributed to
Non fiction
   Never Say Die (2009) (with Melanie Davies)
   I Won't Forgive What You Did (2010) (with Faith Scott)
   Giant George (2011) (with Dave Nasser)
   The Baby Laundry for Unmarried Mothers (2013)
   Novel (2013)
   Telling Tales (2014)
   Unravelled (2014) (with Vikie Shanks)
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