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Sara Blædel

Denmark (b.1964)

Sara Blædel is one of Denmark's most successful crime writers and a leading representative of the Scandanavian crime writing tradition. Her novels appear in ten languages and the film rights to them have been sold. Sara's route to becoming 'Queen of Crime' has not been without obstacles and was not perhaps written in the stars. But a combination of personal strength, life's coincidences and a powerful passion for crime fiction since childhood has brought her to the position she enjoys today.

Genres: Mystery

Louise Rick / Camilla Lind
   1. The Midnight Witness (2018)
   2. Call Me Princess (2011)
     aka Blue Blood and The Silent Women
   3. Only One Life (2012)
     aka The Drowned Girl
   4. Farewell to Freedom (2012)
     aka The Night Women
   5. The Running Girl (2018)
   6. The Stolen Angel (2018)
   7. The Forgotten Girls (2015)
   8. The Killing Forest (2016)
   9. The Lost Woman (2017)
   10. A Harmless Lie (2022)
   The Woman in the Hotel (2018)
Family Secrets
   1. The Undertaker's Daughter (2018)
     aka The Daughter
   2. Her Father's Secret (2019)
   3. The Third Sister (2020)
   In the Shadow of Sadd (2012) (with Gretelise Holm, Lars Kjaedegaard and Steen Langstrup)
Sara Blædel recommends
It Takes One (2016)
(Audrey Harte, book 1)
Kate Kessler
"Deliciously twisted."
I'll Eat When I'm Dead (2017)
Barbara Bourland
"One part deliciously satirical send-up, one part murder mystery, I'll Eat When I'm Dead had me laughing out loud. This bold and wildly entertaining, in-your-face novel signals the arrival of Barbara Bourland as an exciting and savvy new voice."
What My Body Remembers (2017)
Agnete Friis
"A tense and riveting thrill ride."
The Last Mrs. Parrish (2017)
Liv Constantine
"The Last Mrs. Parrish is an extraordinary debut and gripping psychological thriller that is full of unexpected twists. Readers will become obsessed with these chilling characters who pull you in and refuse to let go."
Invisible (2019)
(Paul McGrath, book 1)
Andrew Grant
"The masterful Andrew Grant outdoes himself with this deliciously twisty, magnetic thriller."
The Witch Hunter (2020)
(Detective Jessica Niemi, book 1)
Max Seeck
"Seeck's riveting, multi-layered debut, blending masterful police procedural with a chilling exploration of the occult, kept me up all night, devouring it in one amazing gulp, and checking under the bed."

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