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María Luisa Bombal

Chile (1910 - 1980)

Maria Luisa Bombal was a Chilean author. Her work is now highly regarded, incorporating themes of eroticism, surrealism and proto-feminism, and she ranks among a small number of Latin American female authors whose works received worldwide acclaim.Following the death of her father, Martín Bombal Videla, in 1922, the twelve-year-old María Luisa was sent to London, England, where she studied at the college Sainte Geneviève. At the institute for literature at the University of Paris she studied literature and philosophy until her return to South America.After her return, she married Elogio Sánchez, who did not share her interest in literature. During their marriage, Bombal began to suffer from depression, and shot her husband after a failed suicide attempt, although he survived. With the help of friends, María Bombal fled the country to Argentina, where in 1933 she met Jorge Luis Borges and Pablo Neruda in Buenos Aires. In 1940, she and her third husband emigrated to the USA, where she lived until 1971, when she returned to South America; living first in Argentina and then in Viña del Mar, Chile. There, the 18th September 1976, Bombal again met Jorge Luis Borges. She remained in Chile until her death in 1980.