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Mary Bush

When not writing psychological and crime thrillers, Mary Bush makes her living as a professor of dentistry at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. She’s also involved in forensic dentistry. In this capacity, she works on cases in which teeth are the main evidence. Mary has testified in murder trials as an expert witness, focusing on the admissibility of bite mark evidence in the US court system, including testimony on Capitol Hill regarding the need for scientific rigor in the courtroom. Her experiences have shown how truth is without a doubt, stranger than fiction.

Mary has a number of published academic works, all with a forensic focus and has authored chapters in forensic non-fiction books. As an invited speaker, her talks center on forensic evidence and the cases she’s been involved with.

She currently lives in Buffalo, New York with her husband and their exceptionally spoiled cat.

Her debut novel, A Simple Lie was published by Bloodhound Books November 2019.

Genres: Mystery