Mary Faulkner

(Kathleen Mary Lindsay)
South Africa (1903 - 1973)

aka Margaret Cameron, Hugh Desmond, Kathleen Lindsay, Mary Richmond, Molly Waring

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Comedies in Miniature (1903) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Bachelor and the Baby (1908) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Cat and the Canary (1908) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Fairyland Lane (1908) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Involuntary Chaperon (1909) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Teeth of the Gift Horse (1909) (as by Margaret Cameron)
All Round the Year (1910) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Pretender Person (1911) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Familiar Friends at Home (1912) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Golden Rule Dollivers (1913) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Seven Purposes (1918) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Johndover (1924) (as by Margaret Cameron)
A Battle of Wits (1926) (as by Margaret Cameron)
A Sporting Chance (1926) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Green Domino (1928) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
'Neath the Southern Cross (1930) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
It happened at the Cape (1931) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Mystery at Greystones (1932) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Wind of Desire (1933) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Harvest of Deceit (1934) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Sea Scandal (1935) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Danger Zone (1936) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Glorious Masquerade (1937) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Highway to Happiness (1937) (as by Molly Waring)
Treachery (1937) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Dangerous Madonna (1938) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
His Crooked Highness (1938) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Lady in Peril (1939) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Rebel Lady (1939) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Slasher (1939) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Storm Maiden (1939) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Highways of Death (1940) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Misty Pathway (1940) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Moonlit Path (1940) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Secret of the Moat (1940) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Suspense (1940) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Unbroken Barriers (1940) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Lady Make-Believe (1941) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Murder Run Wild (1941) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Fair Intruder (1942) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Glamour Girl (1942) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Intent to Kill (1942) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Secret Voice (1942) (as by Hugh Desmond)
After the Wedding (1943) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Death Strikes At Dawn (1943) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Flower in the Desert (1943) (as by Mary Richmond)
Love in Sympathy (1943) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Mystery Killer (1943) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Brave Heart of Youth (1944) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Fuehrer Dies (1944) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Love - And Forget (1944) (as by Molly Waring)
Love is for Two (1944) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Magic of Love (1944) (as by Molly Waring)
Terror walks by Night (1944) (as by Hugh Desmond)
If Love be Ours (1945) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
They Lived With Death (1945) (as by Hugh Desmond)
When Love Is All (1945) (as by Molly Waring)
A Desperate Gamble (1946) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Enchanted Wooing (1946) (as by Mary Richmond)
Harvest of the Heart (1946) (as by Molly Waring)
His Reverence the Rogue (1946) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Love Not Denied (1946) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Regency Belle (1946) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Tinsel Hero (1946) (as by Molly Waring)
Bright Flame of Love (1947) (as by Molly Waring)
Overture to Death (1947) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Strangler (1947) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Take This My Heart (1947) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
This Man is Mine (1947) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Valley of the Shadow (1947) (as by Mary Richmond)
Blood cries for Vengeance (1948) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Death in the Shingle (1948) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Heaven Will Be Ours (1948) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Lady Audacious (1948) (as by Margaret Cameron)
A Wife in the Dark (1948) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Into Temptation (1949) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Terrible Awakening (1949) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Another Woman's Love (1950) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Death By Candlelight (1950) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Edge of Horror (1950) (as by Hugh Desmond)
If This Be Love (1950) (as by Molly Waring)
Lady of the Night (1950) (as by Mary Richmond)
Lilli Marlene (1950) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Memory of You (1950) (as by Mary Richmond)
Not in Our Stars (1950) (as by Molly Waring)
Thin Ice (1950) (as by Mary Richmond)
This Is the Hour (1950) (as by Molly Waring)
This Road Is Dangerous (1950) (as by Mary Richmond)
After the Verdict (1951) (as by Molly Waring)
The Devil Laughed (1951) (as by Mary Richmond)
Fear Walks the Island (1951) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Fire Across the Heather (1951) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Flight from a Throne (1951) (as by Mary Richmond)
Here in Eden (1951) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Jacaranda Murders (1951) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Leader of the Band (1951) (as by Molly Waring)
Murder Is Justified (1951) (as by Hugh Desmond)
So Near to Love (1951) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Stranger (1951) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Sunshine and Shadow (1951) (as by Molly Waring)
This Man Belongs to Me (1951) (as by Mary Richmond)
This Sweet Folly (1951) (as by Molly Waring)
Blaze of Glory (1952) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Dark Deeds (1952) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Night of Terror (1952) (as by Hugh Desmond)
No Escape (1952) (as by Mary Richmond)
Oasis of Tears (1952) (as by Mary Richmond)
Put Back the Clock (1952) (as by Mary Richmond)
Reign of Terror (1952) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Splendour Falls (1952) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Stardust (1952) (as by Molly Waring)
This Rose of Love (1952) (as by Molly Waring)
Unnatural Death (1952) (as by Mary Richmond)
The Wilful Jade (1952) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Cabin Nineteen (1953) (as by Mary Richmond)
Fear Rides the Air (1953) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Grim Tomorrow (1953) (as by Mary Richmond)
Happiness Is Not for Me (1953) (as by Molly Waring)
I'll Never Forget You (1953) (as by Molly Waring)
One Road to Love (1953) (as by Molly Waring)
Thou Shalt Not Love (1953) (as by Molly Waring)
Wild Reckoning (1953) (as by Mary Richmond)
All That Glitters (1954) (as by Mary Richmond)
Breath of Suspicion (1954) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Flower of Islam (1954) (as by Molly Waring)
He Should Have Been King (1954) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Hour of Destiny (1954) (as by Mary Richmond)
Madonna of Hell (1954) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Murderer's Bride (1954) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Paradise for Two (1954) (as by Mary Richmond)
Thanks for the Memory (1954) (as by Molly Waring)
The Chance of a Lifetime (1955) (as by Molly Waring)
Dark Destiny (1955) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Day of Reckoning (1955) (as by Molly Waring)
The Hangman Waits (1955) (as by Hugh Desmond)
My Foolish Heart (1955) (as by Molly Waring)
Tomorrow We Die (1955) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Dangerous to Know (1956) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Death Let Loose (1956) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Devil's Dominion (1956) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Hell Hath No Fury (1956) (as by Mary Richmond)
The Lamp Burns Clear (1956) (as by Molly Waring)
Love Without Honour (1956) (as by Mary Richmond)
Perilous Interlude (1956) (as by Molly Waring)
Stella Shall Die (1956) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Cherry-Blossom Time (1957) (as by Molly Waring)
The Drums Beat Low (1957) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Hold Fast to Love (1957) (as by Molly Waring)
Love Is a Precious Thing (1957) (as by Molly Waring)
No Reprieve (1957) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Reluctant Duchess (1957) (as by Mary Richmond)
Stormy Paradise (1957) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Dark Countess (1958) (as by Mary Richmond)
Desire in the Desert (1958) (as by Molly Waring)
For Ever You'll Be Mine (1958) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Haven of Desire (1958) (as by Molly Waring)
Indian Love Lyric (1958) (as by Mary Richmond)
The Lonely Heart (1958) (as by Molly Waring)
Look Upon the Prisoner (1958) (as by Hugh Desmond)
My Heart Will Awake (1958) (as by Molly Waring)
The Road to Ballarat (1958) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Shining Glory (1958) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Beware of the Dawn (1959) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Hold Back the Dawn (1959) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Love-Time in Paris (1959) (as by Molly Waring)
Mirage of Desire (1959) (as by Molly Waring)
Risk All for Love (1959) (as by Mary Richmond)
A Strong Dose of Poison (1959) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Suicide Fleet (1959) (as by Hugh Desmond)
The Wicked Shall Flourish (1959) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Daughter of Desire (1960) (as by Molly Waring)
Death at my Elbow (1960) (as by Hugh Desmond)
For You Alone (1960) (as by Molly Waring)
The Passionate Atonement (1960) (as by Mary Richmond)
Shadow of the Past (1960) (as by Mary Richmond)
Somewhere I'll Find You (1960) (as by Molly Waring)
A Star Is Falling (1960) (as by Mary Richmond)
To Love for Ever (1960) (as by Molly Waring)
Turn Back from Death (1960) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Winsome Lass (1960) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Elusive Lover (1961) (as by Molly Waring)
A Lady For Botany Bay (1961) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Laggard in Love (1961) (as by Molly Waring)
The Steadfast Heart (1961) (as by Mary Richmond)
Stranger than Fiction (1961) (as by Hugh Desmond)
To Have and Hold (1961) (as by Mary Richmond)
Unwelcome Rapture (1961) (as by Mary Richmond)
Value of Weeping (1961) (as by Margaret Cameron)
All I Ask Is Love (1962) (as by Molly Waring)
Glory of Love (1962) (as by Molly Waring)
In a Persian Garden (1962) (as by Molly Waring)
Murder at Midnight (1962) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Paulette (1962) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Perilous Adventure (1962) (as by Mary Richmond)
Prisoner of Love (1962) (as by Mary Richmond)
Put Out the Light (1962) (as by Hugh Desmond)
There Is No Yesterday (1962) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Web of Enchantment (1962) (as by Mary Richmond)
Less Than the Dust (1963) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Love's Atonement (1963) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Marry in May (1963) (as by Mary Richmond)
My Dear Delight (1963) (as by Molly Waring)
Queeen of My Heart (1963) (as by Mary Richmond)
The Thin Gold Band (1963) (as by Molly Waring)
To Make You Mine (1963) (as by Mary Richmond)
When We Are Married (1963) (as by Molly Waring)
Where the Heart Is (1963) (as by Molly Waring)
A Devil from Muscovy (1964) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Girdle of Venus (1964) (as by Molly Waring)
I Belong to You (1964) (as by Molly Waring)
I'll Always Remember (1964) (as by Mary Richmond)
I'll Love You Always (1964) (as by Molly Waring)
Journey to Happiness (1964) (as by Mary Richmond)
Love's the Only Guide (1964) (as by Mary Richmond)
Theodora (1964) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Beloved Enemy (1965) (as by Mary Richmond)
The Breathless Moment (1965) (as by Molly Waring)
Enchantress of the Nile (1965) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Indian Lullaby (1965) (as by Mary Richmond)
Kitty of Russia (1965) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Loyal Lady (1965) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Moon of My Delight (1965) (as by Molly Waring)
One Enchanted Evening (1965) (as by Mary Richmond)
Only a Love Song (1965) (as by Mary Richmond)
Song of the Dawn (1965) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Here Is My Heart (1966) (as by Molly Waring)
I'll Remember for Ever (1966) (as by Molly Waring)
Katoushka (1966) (as by Margaret Cameron)
One Fine Day (1966) (as by Mary Richmond)
Queen of the Mirage (1966) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Anastasia (1967) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Be My Love (1967) (as by Mary Richmond)
Fanfare for Margaret (1967) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Incomparable Doll (1967) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Kashmiri Love Song (1967) (as by Mary Richmond)
Reluctant Rebel (1967) (as by Mary Richmond)
Rustle of Spring (1967) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Song of My Heart (1967) (as by Molly Waring)
Till We Meet Again (1967) (as by Molly Waring)
Escape (1968) (as by Hugh Desmond)
Feast of Lanterns (1968) (as by Mary Richmond)
Fight for Your Love (1968) (as by Molly Waring)
For Ever Beloved (1968) (as by Mary Richmond)
Happy Ever After (1968) (as by Molly Waring)
I'll Walk Beside You (1968) (as by Molly Waring)
My Dearest Dear (1968) (as by Margaret Cameron)
One Glorious Spring (1968) (as by Mary Richmond)
She Was My Beloved (1968) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Song of the Desert (1968) (as by Molly Waring)
Waltz of My Heart (1968) (as by Mary Richmond)
Flames Over Moscow (1969) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Incredible Adventure (1969) (as by Mary Richmond)
Little Girl Lost (1969) (as by Molly Waring)
Render Unto Caesar (1969) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
That Wayward Wench (1969) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Virginia (1969) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
Irresistible Nan (1970) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Jungle Flower (1970)
My Dear Heart (1970) (as by Kathleen Lindsay)
The Long View (1971) (as by Mary Richmond)
Hearts Can't Break (1975) (as by Molly Waring)
Stranger in Springtime (1978)
A Scent of Sandalwood (1980)
Spanish Rapture (1984)
Dream of Summer (1986)
Flame Lily (1988)
Stranger to Love (1988)
Tangles (1912) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Tiny Town (1914) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Pugs and Poems (poems) (1973) (as by Margaret Cameron)
A Christmas Chime (1910) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Four Acting Monologues (1910) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Miss Doulton's Orchids (1910) (as by Margaret Cameron)
A Pipe of Peace (1910) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The White Elephant (1916) (as by Margaret Cameron)
One of Those Days (1931) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Non fiction
Bead Threading and Laying (1900) (as by Margaret Cameron)
By Common, Pinewood, and Bog (1911) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Nature's Pageant (1911) (as by Margaret Cameron)
On the Farm (1911) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Songs of Nature and of Home (1911) (as by Margaret Cameron)
The Story of the Seasons (1911) (as by Margaret Cameron)
By Hedgerow, Mead, and Pool (1912) (as by Margaret Cameron)
In the Garden (1912) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Our Wonderful World (1912) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Round About the Seashore (1912) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Bird and Animal Life (1915) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Under the Rainbow Arch (1915) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Twelve Lessons from the Seven Purposes (1919) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Bamboo-Work and Bead-Work (1920) (as by Margaret Cameron)
Country Days and Country Ways (1937) (as by Margaret Cameron)