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Tales from the Pulp Side

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It was another time, another era. Larger than life heroes strode through both mean streets and savage jungles to ensure that truth and justice triumphed over the forces of evil. Now, step back with us into the past as we bring you the adventures of three extraordinary crime fighters - The Nightmare, The Pink Reaper and Doc Atlas - who were willing to do whatever was necessary in their fight for freedom and to right the wrongs where the legal system had failed. Written with a retrospective hindsight, Tales from the Pulp Side is a homage to the old pulp magazines where great heroes fought evil and saved the day. In the seamy world of the underground, no one strikes fear into the hearts of evildoers like that dark clad vigilante, THE NIGHTMARE. His sinister laugh and blazing .45s have meted out justice when the police were unable or unwilling to act. But suddenly, at the worst possible time, word on the street surfaces that this nemesis of evil has fallen in battle just as the police are closing in on a brutal mob boss. With his career on the line and the lives of a family he has sworn to protect in danger, Lieutenant Jerome Easton's only hope is the dark miracle of a shadowy resurrection. Lovely Kaye Chandler fights crime as THE PINK REAPER using the formidable combination of her beauty, brains, and an arsenal of clever weapons and gadgets to confound even the most egregious of criminals. She is regarded as the top player in the sinister world of crime fighting by those on both sides of the law. But suddenly a new player, known as the Green Hood, emerges and takes the game to a whole new level as the stakes turn deadly. Will the Reaper's skills be equal to those of her masked opponent, or has she finally met her match as she finds herself in the fight of her life? Renowned scientist, inventor, and altruist, DOC ATLAS has no need to hide in the shadows or behind a mask. This world famous adventurer walks boldly in the sunlight. Assisted by his two trusted companions, Mad Dog Deagan and Ace Assante, they continue to fight against injustice and tyranny just as they did during World War II. This time reports of a fire-breathing monster and a deadly disease take them to the jungles of South America to find a missing heir and repay a debt of honor. Can they vanquish the forces of an insidious, yet familiar evil without falling victim to The Green Death?

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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