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P D Baccalario

(Pierdomenico Baccalario)
Italy (b.1974)

aka Ulysses Moore

P. D. Baccalario was born in Acqui Terme, a beautiful little town in Piedmont, Italy. He started writing very short stories in high school during math classes. he gave his stories to his classmates and then they started sharing it with others in the class. Then, he discovered he had readers in other classes, and he kept on writing short stories, learning to write very quickly and to always choose surprising endings so that the other kids would come back and ask for the sequel

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
Century Quartet
   1. Ring of Fire (2009)
   2. Star of Stone (2010)
   3. City of Wind (2011)
   4. Dragon of Seas (2012)
Enchanted Emporium
   1. Suitcase of Stars (2014)
   2. Compass of Dreams (2014)
   3. Map of the Passages (2015)
   4. The Thief of Mirrors (2015)

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