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Remy & The Wildcat

(The seventh book in the Wolf's Mate Generations series)
A novel by

Wolf shifter Remy Mayfield, son of an Angel Mate, was destined to be alpha of his own pack. Because there was already an alpha of the Tressel Pack, he packed up and left his family and friends behind to find a pack of his own. When he’s asked to come back to his hometown for his friend’s mating ceremony, he doesn’t expect anything more exciting then spending time with his family and a full moon hunt with his dad and brother.

Thyme Olsen is next in line of her wildcat pride but she’s got a huge problem. Without a mate by her side, she can’t take over the pride. Her half-brother is about to turn twenty-one, when he’ll be able to challenge her for the right to take over the pride. To add to her troubles, her pride’s hunting territory has gone dead thanks to factory pollution. She heads out on the full moon to find new hunting grounds and runs right through a wolf pack’s territory and finds herself face-to-face with a group of wolves who think she’s prey.

When Remy and Thyme meet, sparks fly and she’s thankful her mate is a strong and capable alpha ready to take over the pride with her. But there are wildcats in the pride who don’t want Thyme and Remy to take over, and they’ll do anything in their power to ensure they won’t become alphas. When everything is on the line, can Remy save Thyme and stop the ones who want to hurt her, or will their life together be over before it starts?

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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