Sal Bianchi

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Sal Bianchi has spent his entire life by the coast. His grandmother used to joke that he’d taken his first steps on the sand and that he’d probably take his last steps there, too. Frankly, Sal wouldn’t have it any other way.
When most people think of Southern Florida, they picture sun-kissed beaches and pristine, sparkling water. Sal, on the other hand, knew the truth early on. He grew up hearing tales of how the Italian mafia once ruled the boardwalks of Miami from his grandmother, who rumor has it was something of a mafiosa herself back in her day.
Having spent his entire life in the Sunshine State, he’s seen enough to believe those stories. Never one to shy away from the thrill of a good game and with a killer poker face to boot, Sal spent his youth getting into trouble nightly on the streets of Miami.
Still, no one can stay young and reckless forever. Eventually, Sal put his people-reading skills to good use and spent 25 years working as a detective for the Miami PD before retiring to enjoy a life of surf and sand.
He now lives in Florida with his beautiful wife and two kids, both of whom are becoming worryingly more like Sal with every day that passes. With sunny skies, gorgeous beaches, and a lifetime’s worth of harrowing experiences and unbelievable memories, what more could a guy ask for?

New Books
August 2022

Gone In a Flash
(Forgotten Coast Mystery, book 2)
September 2022

Lost in the Fog
(Forgotten Coast Mystery, book 3)
October 2022

X Marks the Spot
(Forgotten Coast Mystery, book 4)
December 2022

Forgotten Ruins
(Forgotten Coast Mystery, book 5)

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