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Shanna Bell

Shanna Bell is a romance author who loves to write (and read) about sassy, strong women who can save themselves and men with a heart of gold. Wanderlust is her middle name, as she loves to travel and experience new cultures and foods. 
If you're into romantic suspense, happily ever afters, and some steam she´s got you covered. For updates on her series, you can join her newsletter or mail her. She loves hearing from her readers.


Genres: New Adult Romance
Bad Romance
   1. The Leader (2018)
   2. The Enforcer (2018)
   3. The Gambler (2018)
   4. The Players (2019)
Bloody Romance
   0.5. Love is Pain (2019)
   1. Love is Rage (2020)
   2. Love is a game (2021)
Bratva Royalty Duet
   0.5. Bratva Vow (2021)
   1. Bratva Kingpin (2022)
   2. Bratva Queen (2022)

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