Bill Cheng

Bill Cheng recommends
The Twelve-Mile Straight (2017)
Eleanor Henderson
"The Twelve-Mile Straight is anything but - a family drama, a mystery, Southern Gothic, and a searing study of the complexities of race in America. Cotton County is a dark place, tortured by its own secrets, and it's in Henderson's expert hand and penetrating eye that those secrets are carried into light."
Disappearing Earth (2019)
Julia Phillips
"Julia Phillips writes in clean, sharp lines that belie an almost frightening depth, and a clarity of eye that renders a complex and gut-wrenching vision of the Kamchatka region and its people. More than once, I gawped at this book: there are no seams, no sentimentality, not a single untrue thought from start to finish. With Disappearing Earth, Phillips accomplishes in her first book what most writers can't glimpse in a lifetime."

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