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Julia Phillips lives in Brooklyn. Her debut novel, Disappearing Earth, will be publishedby Knopf in the US and Scribner in the UK, as well as publishers in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and China. Her Pushcart-nominated fiction appears in literary journals including Glimmer Train and The Antioch Review. Her nonfiction appears in such publications as The Atlantic, Slate, and BuzzFeed News, and was named notable in Best American Travel Writing. She spent a year as a Fulbright fellow in Russia's Kamchatka peninsula, where Disappearing Earth is set.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Julia Phillips recommends
The Marriage Clock (2019)
Zara Raheem
"So fresh and charming and fun! I adored being in Leila’s world, from her girls’ nights with her friends to her conversations with her loving, pressuring parents to her many first dates. What a joy to read."
Pretty Things (2020)
Janelle Brown
"Hungry, sexy, and packed with twists, this latest novel from Janelle Brown exposes what's hidden behind the stone walls of the elite's mansions and the slick facades of con artists' scams. Money, family, and Instagram collide to make a book you won't be able to put down."
Rules for Moving (2020)
Nancy Star
"A tender exploration of family, friendship, and what it means to be the black sheep."
Pizza Girl (2020)
Jean Kyoung Frazier
"Sharp and surprising, Pizza Girl shows us how obsession can fill the empty spaces in a young woman's life. Jean Kyoung Frazier will make you laugh with one sentence and break your heart with the next. A delicious debut."
The All-Night Sun (2020)
Diane Zinna
"This stunning debut novel explores the space between dreams and nightmares, life and death, the brilliance of the midnight sun and the darkness when you shut your eyes. Diane Zinna has given us a tender, aching, and unforgettable story."
Bestiary (2020)
K-Ming Chang
"Epic and intimate at once, Bestiary brings myth to visceral life, showing what becomes of women and girls who carry tigers, birds, and fish within. K-Ming Chang’s talent exposes what is hidden inside us. She makes magic on the page."
Ruthie Fear (2020)
Maxim Loskutoff
"Meet Ruthie Fear. Once you know her, you’ll never forget her. Maxim Loskutoff maps Ruthie’s Bitterroot Valley with clarity, wisdom, and tenderness, tracking the shifting relationships between those who originally inhabited the land and those who have colonized it, those who hunt and those who are hunted. This novel will seize you by the throat from its very first pages and leave you gasping for air by its end."
Something Unbelievable (2021)
Maria Kuznetsova
"Something Unbelievable gives you things hilarious, things heartbreaking, things gorgeous and perfect and irresistible on every page. This novel crosses generations, oceans, and empires but never misses a step."
The School for Good Mothers (2021)
Jessamine Chan
"Gutting and terrifying. Vivid and exquisite. In The School for Good Mothers, you'll find not only your favorite novel of the year, but also a new cultural touchstone, a reference point for the everyday horrors all parents experience and take for granted. This book is sharp, shocking, anxiety-provoking, superb. It is exactly what you want, and need, to read."
The Caretakers (2022)
Amanda Bestor-Siegal
"Tender, brutal, frightening, captivating, The Caretakers is a novel about child care and abandonment that is as beautifully complicated as parenting itself. Amanda Bestor-Siegal opens for us the bloody heart of the contemporary family and exposes its darkest chambers - the loneliness, the longing, the love - to the light."
The Work Wife (2022)
Alison B Hart
"A page-turner, an eye-opener, a heartbreaker, a delight, The Work Wife is that rare book that illuminates a world we never knew existed while also making us feel so much less alone in everyday life."
A Map for the Missing (2022)
Belinda Huijuan Tang
"Exquisite and precise, A Map for the Missing tracks two lovers, pulled across years and nations, who never stop longing for each other. It is stunning. Belinda Huijuan Tang crafts her story with all the tenderness, specificity, and vision of a god making a planet. The world she builds in these pages is one you won't ever want to leave."
All That's Left Unsaid (2022)
Tracey Lien
"This novel will make you travel through time: to an embattled Australia in 1996, to a youth shaped by your parents' pain, to the day after the biggest mistake of your life. Tracey Lien's story pulls you back twenty years, then pushes you, heartbroken and stunned, into today's bright light. All That's Left Unsaid is honest, aching, and filled with beauty. It will transport you."

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