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Cathleen Cole

Cathleen Cole currently lives in Utah with her husband Frank, their six dogs, four goats, and flock of chickens. Cathleen and Frank have nomadic souls, so they don’t expect to be tied down to one place indefinitely.

Animals, dog sports, traveling, scuba diving, and everything books are just a few of Cathleen’s passions in life. She measures her quality of life based off the different experiences and adventures she gets to have.

You’ll see every book written by either Cathleen Cole or Frank Jensen will always credit the other as co-author and that is because they use each other as sounding boards during their writing processes as well as they are each other’s main beta readers. As husband and wife, they insist on sharing all successes and failures equally.

Genres: Romantic Suspense

Vikings MC
   1. Heart of Steel (2021)
   2. The Viking's Princess (2021)
   3. All's Fair In Love & Juarez (2021)
   4. 'Til Encryption Do Us Part (2021) (with Frank Jensen)
   5. Bass & Trouble (2021) (with Frank Jensen)
   6. War & Pieces (2022) (with Frank Jensen)
   7. Heavy Is The Crowne (2022) (with Frank Jensen)
   1. Havoc (2021)
   2. Inferno (2021) (with Frank Jensen)
   3. Deviant (2022) (with Frank Jensen)
Vikings MC-Tucson Chapter (with Frank Jensen)
   1. Hush (2022)
   2. Priest (2022)