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Arcane Cultivator 2

(The second book in the Arcane Cultivator series)
A novel by

In the gripping sequel to Arcane Cultivator, Jaden and the Nomadwater Sect are drawn deeper into the Tournament of the Gods and must cultivate new abilities and powers if they hope to survive. Growing ever closer in the treacherous desert kingdom of Southfall, the Sect embarks on a daring quest to uncover secrets left behind by Elder Brother.

But with Elias, the God of Sand, as their reluctant new sponsor, the Sect's journey is anything but straightforward...

Defying the god's wishes, they delve into Elder Brother's crypt, uncovering a prophecy of dire confrontations and discovering a powerful one-use Arcane Card known as Elemental Convergence. Their defiance, however, comes at a cost. Enraged, Elias freezes their progress for three months, drastically cutting their training time for the looming tournament challenges.

In what soon becomes a race against time, the Sect journeys through the Kingdom of Middling, where they face the Emperor's Magi to complete a bizarre task set by Elias: find five floating demonic heads in a forbidden forest filled with dangerous yokai. Their mission leads to a daring rescue operation from the catacombs beneath E'Kanth, and a revelation that could change their fate or epically fail...

Can Jaden and the Nomadwater Sect emerge victorious, or will the cost of their defiance be too great?

Arcane Cultivator is a deckbuilding cultivation LitRPG series about an underdog cultivator and his sect taking on the gods against overwhelming odds. It is set in the Four Kingdoms of the Sagaland, a world rich with lore from Harmon Cooper, bestselling and award winning author of Pilgrim, Cowboy Necromancer, War Priest, The World According to Dragons, and LitRPG classic, The Feedback Loop.

Arcane Cultivator
is perfect for fans of All the Skills, Cradle, Mage Errant, and Mark of the Fool.

Genre: GameLit

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