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Jean Lowe Carlson email list at for updates about new releases, ARCs, short story freebies, and Jean's latest book reviews and videos! Award-winning author Jean Lowe Carlson writes adventurous epic fantasy fiction with a dark twist. Exciting, challenging, and passionate, her novels take the reader upon dire adventures while exploring deep human truths. In 2016, she was the recipient of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist medal for her dark fantasy "Tears".

Genres: Paranormal Romance
Three Days of Oblenite
   1. Breath (2015)
   2. Tears (2015)
   3. Blood (2015)
   In the Lair (2017) (with Brandon Barr, Jaime Castle, David Estes, Craig Halloran, DK Holmberg, Patty Jansen, Robert T Jeschonek, Dan Koboldt, Jonathan Moeller, Chris Pourteau, Steven Savile, M S Verish, Ben Wallace and J T Williams)
   Beyond The Deepwoods: Volume One (2018) (with A J Antony, William Tyler Davis, A J Flowers, Joe Jackson, F Jayse, Damian Jeffrey, Rosalyn Kelly, Georgina Makalani, TJ Muir, Jacob S Nardi, Stefan M Nardi, Helena Rookwood and J T Williams)