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Zero to Hero

(The fourth book in the Lost Legends series)
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The fourth book in an exciting middle grade series that features the adventures of Disney’s most lovable roguish heroes as kids!

Before he saved Mount Olympus...Hercules was just a boy trying to find his way. “How am I supposed to prove myself a hero if no one will give me a chance?"

Twelve-year-old Hercules doesn’t fit in. He’s awkward and clumsy, and his excessive strength tends to be more hurtful than it is helpful. But Herc believes that if he was just given the chance to prove himself, he could show everyone that he really does belong. Of course Hercules never expected his chance to come by way of an angry goddess.

One night, a prized olive grove is ruined and the goddess Nike appears, looking for a culprit. Hercules’s neighbors are quick to accuse him until an older boy named Theseus steps in and defends Hercules. Theseus believes Hercules didn’t cause the destruction and volunteers to accompany him on a quest to Athens to clear his name. The two set off and soon encounter giants, robbers, and sea monsters who try to stop them. Hercules is glad to have Theseus by his side, but he can’t help but wonder—is Theseus truly doing this out of the goodness of his heart? Or does he also have something to prove?

Filled with impressive feats and inspiring friendship, the Lost Legends series explores the untold origins of Disney’s most infamous rogue boys.
Genre: Children's Fiction

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