book cover of Dragon Riders of Roar

Dragon Riders of Roar

(The fourth book in the Land of Roar series)
A novel by

The epic and funny new magical fantasy series set in the world of the bestselling Land of Roar.

Twins Rose and Arthur love visiting their imaginary world of Roar which is hidden inside a folding camp bed in their grandad’s attic. When they can’t get to Roar, Rose writes about it instead, inventing the Dragonlands, a realm where the dragons are ferocious and a clan of witches are rumoured to be rising. She makes up a school for young Dragon Riders and, of course, writes herself as the star pupil.

When Arthur reads Rose’s story he can’t believe he’s been left out. They argue and the story gets shoved deep inside the folding camp bed…where it bursts into life. Now Rose, Arthur and Win must race to the Dragonlands, enrol at Dragon Rider Academy and try to stop to the disaster they have set in motion. But do they have what it takes to become Dragon Riders? And can Arthur survive a term in a school invented by his sister?

If only Rose had written an ending to her story…

Perfect for readers aged 8-12 and fans of Skandar, Percy Jackson and How to Train Your Dragon
Genre: Children's Fiction

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