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His Curvy

(A book in the His Curvy series)
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For the first time, enjoy the complete His Curvy Series in one book! Three novellas about protective, alpha men and the sassy-mouthed curvy women they love.

She's off limits.
But for her, I'm ready to break all the rules.

Reckless. Rough. Ruled by my impulses.
That's the man I used to be.
I've spent the last ten years rebuilding myself.
Becoming a man who follows the law.
Obeys the rules. Respects the limits.

But then she walks into my office.
Soaking wet, wide-eyed, and afraid.
Temptation on a silver platter.
Putty in my hands.

I want her more than I've ever wanted anything in my life.
There are certain lines I don't cross anymore.
But for her? I just might.

Her name is Charlotte, but she goes by Charlie for short.
Not the most conventional name for a woman, I guess.
But then, nothing about this woman is conventional.
From her quirky personality to her curvaceous body that she's not afraid to show off, I can't seem to get her out of my head.
Problem is, she works for me.
So she's strictly off-limits.
Just my luck that the one woman I'm not allowed to have is the very same one that I can't get out of my head.
If I spend too much time around her, I know I'll give into temptation.
I avoid her as much as possible...until a business trip puts us side by side in neighboring hotel rooms.
The walls are thin. So is my will.

My boss has had it out for me since the day we met.
Heaven knows what I did to offend the great Emmett Stone
All I know is that he hates me, and that I can kiss that big promotion goodbye.
So I'm determined to hate him back.
Problem is, it's harder than it looks.
Emmett is as sexy as he is grumpy.
His arrogance and bossiness even turns me on...even if it also annoys me.
And I'm not sure when he finds the time to build muscles like those, all I know is that they drive me wild.
Now we're flying across the country together on a business trip.
How am I supposed to behave myself around him for three whole days?
More importantly: Is it possible to hate and to love someone at the same time?

I hate to let good things go to waste.
Rebecca belongs with me - in my bed, specifically.
She says she wants to be a mother more than anything.
I’m the man who can make that wish come true.
The man who can make all of her wishes come true.
The man who can protect and provide.
But Rebecca isn't like the others. She wants more than my money.
She wants my heart.

I’ve worked for Eric for years, and he’s never given me a second look.
Now suddenly he wants to get married and have kids?
Marriage and babies aren’t things you should write into a business contract, but I’m not in a position to turn down this deal.
Eric’s bossy, domineering attitude should turn me off.
Instead, it’s doing the opposite.
He treats me like his property, claiming me and guarding me at the same time.
It feels good to be taken care of.
But I want more from a marriage than a transaction.
I want love.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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