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Lee Collins

Having grown up in Colorado, Lee Collins is no stranger to mountains, pine trees, and unstable weather patterns. He remains, however, willfully ignorant of certain other Rocky Mountain delicacies. A job at his alma mater supports his writing, reading, and video game habits.

After receiving a degree in English, Lee remained in the dark with regard to all things publishing. This darkness continued unbroken for several years until he finished drafting his first novel, The Dead of Winter. Now faced with the unmitigated terror of marketing the manuscript to agents, he began failing spectacularly for nearly a year. His protagonist Cora Oglesby mocked him for his inadequacy, so he thrust her into the gauntlet of the Open Door Month at Angry Robot Books. Once there (and perhaps just to spite him), she rose to the challenge and did what he could not: secured a two-book deal.

He still lives in Colorado with his girlfriend and their imaginary corgi Fubsy Bumble.