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Lee Child

(Jim Grant)
UK flag (b.1954)
Brother of Andrew Grant

Lee Child is British but moved with his family from Cumbria to the United States to start a new career as an American thriller writer. His first novel, Killing Floor, won the Anthony Award, and his second, Die Trying, won W H Smith's Thumping Good Read Award.

He lives just outside New York City, with his American wife, Jane. They have a grown-up daughter, Ruth, and a small dog called Jenny. Lee fills his spare time with music, reading, and the New York Yankees. He likes to travel, for vacations, but especially on promotion tours so he can meet his readers, to whom he is eternally grateful.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Jack Reacher
   1. Killing Floor (1997)
   2. Die Trying (1998)
   3. Tripwire (1999)
   4. The Visitor (2000)
     aka Running Blind
   5. Echo Burning (2001)
   6. Without Fail (2002)
   7. Persuader (2003)
   8. The Enemy (2004)
   9. One Shot (2005)
   10. The Hard Way (2006)
   11. Bad Luck and Trouble (2007)
   12. Nothing To Lose (2008)
   13. Gone Tomorrow (2009)
   14. 61 Hours (2010)
   15. Worth Dying For (2010)
   15.5. Second Son (2011)
   16. The Affair (2011)
   16.5. Deep Down (2012)
   17. A Wanted Man (2012)
   17.5. High Heat (2013)
   18. Never Go Back (2013)
   18.5. Not a Drill (2014)
   19. Personal (2014)
   19.2. Good and Valuable Consideration (2014) (with Joseph Finder)
   19.5. Small Wars (2015)
   20. Make Me (2015)
   21. Night School (2014)
   21.5. Too Much Time (2018)
   22. The Midnight Line (2017)
   22.5. The Christmas Scorpion (2018)
   23. Past Tense (2018)
   23.5. The Fourth Man (2019)
   23.6. Cleaning the Gold (2019) (with Karin Slaughter)
   24. Blue Moon (2019)
   25. The Sentinel (2019) (with Andrew Child)
   26. Better off Dead (2021) (with Andrew Child)
   27. No Plan B (2022) (with Andrew Child)
   28. The Secret (2023) (with Andrew Child)
   No Middle Name (2017)
   Jack Reacher: A Mysterious Profile (2022)
Series contributed to
Best Mystery Stories of the Year (with Otto Penzler)
   1. Best Mystery Stories of the Year: 2021 (2021)
     aka Best Crime Stories of the Year: 2021
Anthology series
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthony Awards Best First Novel winner (1998) : Killing Floor
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (1998) : Killing Floor
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (2003) : Without Fail
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (2005) : The Enemy
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2006) : One Shot
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2008) : Bad Luck and Trouble
BCA Crime Thriller of the Year Best Novel nominee (2008) : Bad Luck and Trouble
Sainsbury's Popular Fiction Award Best Book nominee (2010) : Worth Dying For

Lee Child recommends
Forty Words for Sorrow (2000)
(John Cardinal, book 1)
Giles Blunt
"Intensely vivid characters, terrible crimes and a brutal deep-frozen landscape ... Giles Blunt is a really tremendous crime novelist."
Sleep with the Fishes (2000)
Brian M Wiprud
"If Carl Hiassen wrote for The Sopranos, it might be half as good as this... a page-turner that's part wicked humor and part just plain wicked."
The Master of Rain (2002)
Tom Bradby
"Rich, dark, atmospheric, this fine novel captures time and place perfectly. A great crime story that ends up in a place you won't predict ..."
Scaredy Cat (2002)
(Tom Thorne, book 2)
Mark Billingham
"Mark Billingham is the new-wave leader..."
Cold Silence (2002)
Danielle Girard
"High speed, high stakes, high suspense."
One Last Hit (2003)
(Joe Portugal, book 3)
Nathan Walpow
"I thought it was extraordinary - just fabulous. Quite apart from the plot and characters it had a terrific emotional quotient which all of us boomers should be eating up. Required reading for the Reacher Creatures."
The Darkness Gathers (2003)
(Lydia Strong, book 2)
Lisa Miscione (Lisa Unger)
"One of my favorite new writers."
Blood Is The Sky (2003)
(Alex McKnight, book 5)
Steve Hamilton
"Everything is here - his trademark sense of place, vivid, resonant charcters, and a plot to break your heart."
The Death You Deserve (2003)
(Rawhead, book 1)
David Bowker
"A tough, fabulous, smart-mouth novel."
Judgment Calls (2003)
(Samantha Kincaid, book 1)
Alafair Burke
"A terrific debut, very different from her famous father's work, but the storytelling DNA is all there. This is smart, savvy, expert - and highly recommended."
Cold Case (2004)
(Kate Gillespie, book 4)
Robin Burcell
"A very talented author."
Last Seen in Aberdeen (2004)
(Sergeant Mornay)
M G Kincaid
"Smart, edgy - close to perfect."
The Waking Nightmare (2005)
(Diagnosis Murder, book 4)
Lee Goldberg
"Can books be better than television? You bet they can - when Lee Goldberg's writing them. Get aboard right now for a thrill ride."
In the Company of Liars (2005)
David Ellis
"A highly intelligent thriller that burrows backward through time like Houdini explaining a trick. An automatic book-of-the-year."
Bitch Goddess Notebook (2005)
Martha O'Connor
"Astonishing... If this isn't Alice Sebold, Donna Tart or Barbara Vine writing under a pseudonym, the Martha O'Connor is a huge new talent."
Bloody Mary (2005)
(Jack Daniels, book 2)
J A Konrath
"Excellent smart-mouth thrills ... my advice: Take a long sip."
Road Kill (2005)
(Charlie Fox, book 5)
Zoë Sharp
"Highly recommended!"
Spectres in the Smoke (2005)
(Jethro, book 2)
Tony Broadbent
"Vintage atmosphere, great writing, perfect story... Nails the period better than I have seen it done before."
A Field of Darkness (2006)
(Madeline Dare, book 1)
Cornelia Read
"One of the best debuts I've ever seen."
In Plain Sight (2006)
(Joe Pickett, book 6)
C J Box
"One of today's solid-gold A-list must-read writers."
The Last Spymaster (2006)
Gayle Lynds
"Today's finest espionage writer unleashes an instant classic."
Guns (2006)
(John Hardin, book 1)
Phil Bowie
"Fast, engaging - a fine debut."
Billy Boyle (2006)
(Billy Boyle World War II Mystery, book 1)
James R Benn
"This book has got it all-an instant classic."
Checkmate (2007)
(Cameron Talbot, book 1)
Karna Small Bodman
"Gripping and authentic."
Where the Dead Lay (2009)
(Frank Behr, book 2)
David Levien
"The new must-read thriller writer."
The Breach (2009)
(Travis Chase, book 1)
Patrick Lee
"Audacious and terrifying, uncannily believable."
Jackpot (2010)
(Tony Valentine, book 8)
James Swain
"Top class suspense... one of my favourite series."
The Last King of Brighton (2011)
(Brighton Mystery, book 2)
Peter Guttridge
"I don't need the competition, but honesty demands I confess - this is a great thriller."
Act of Treason (2011)
(Sniper, book 4)
Jack Coughlin and Donald A Davis
"Stunning action, excellent tradecraft... just about perfect."
Blue Knight, White Cross (2011)
(Black & Decker, book 1)
Colin Campbell
"Very real. And very good."
Games Traitors Play (2011)
(Daniel Marchant, book 2)
Jon Stock
"Exactly what we need from a spy novel now."
The Pack (2011)
(Pack , book 1)
Jason Starr
"Jason Starr is hypnotically good."
Spartan (2011)
(Will Cochrane, book 1)
Matthew Dunn
"One of the year's best thriller debuts. Highly recommended."
Thick as Thieves (2011)
Peter Spiegelman
"Slick, sophisticated, and satisfying... this is thriller fiction at its best."
Don't Know Jack (2012)
(Hunt For Reacher, book 1)
Diane Capri
"Full of thrills and tension, but smart and human, too."
The Professionals (2012)
(Stevens and Windermere, book 1)
Owen Laukkanen
"Really terrific - characters that live and breathe, and chills aplenty."
Sailor (2012)
Tom Epperson
"Simply a great thriller - full of action but about people, tough but not bleak, fast and yet thoughtful. Highly recommended."
The Killing House (2012)
(Malcolm Fletcher, book 1)
Chris Mooney
"Scary voice, scary talent. Mooney is one of the best thriller writers working today."
The Spy (2013)
(Jed Walker, book 1)
James Phelan
"Jed Walker is right there in Reacher's rear-view mirror."
No Way Back (2013)
Matthew Klein
"He's the real thing. One hell of a writer."
The Lost (2013)
(Paula Maguire, book 1)
Claire McGowan
"Either Tana French and Michael Connelly secretly co-wrote this book, or Claire McGowan is a knockout new talent you should read immediately. I'm betting on the latter."
San Francisco Noir - Box Set (2013)
(Cape Weathers Investigation)
Tim Maleeny
Act of Vengeance (2014)
Michael Jecks
"An instant classic British spy novel - mature, thoughtful, and intelligent."
The Slaughter Man (2014)
(DC Max Wolfe, book 2)
Tony Parsons
"Spectacular! Tense and human, fast and authentic."
Stay Alive (2014)
(Scope, book 2)
Simon Kernick
"Simon Kernick writes great plots, great characters, great action."
Retribution (2014)
(Will Parker Thriller, book 2)
Anderson Harp
"Tense and authentic - reading this book is like living a real-life mission."
The First Rule Of Survival (2014)
(Colonel Vaughn de Vries, Cape Town, book 1)
Paul Mendelson
"An excellent, uncompromising crime thriller made even better by its setting."
The Killing Season (2014)
(Carter Blake, book 1)
Mason Cross
"My kind of book."
The Kraken Project (2014)
(Wyman Ford, book 4)
Douglas Preston
"Brilliant...full of huge idea, but intensely human, too, and intensely suspenseful."
Land of Shadows (2014)
(Detective Elouise Norton, book 1)
Rachel Howzell Hall
"Fast, funny, heartbreaking and wise... Elouise Norton is the best new character you'll meet this year, and Rachel Howzell Hall is the best pure storyteller you'll read this year."
Race to Death (2014)
(DI Ian Peterson, book 2)
Leigh Russell
"One to Watch"
The Fever (2014)
Megan Abbott
"Right now America's best novelists are women, and Megan Abbott is up there at the top."
Phantom Instinct (2014)
M G Gardiner
"Characters as real as your friends, and a plot as real, as your nightmares."
Warning Light (2014)
(Jake Keller Thiller, book 1)
David Ricciardi
"Starts with a bang, and then gets better and better...one of the best thrillers you'll read this year."
The Final Silence (2014)
(Jack Lennon Investigation, book 4)
Stuart Neville
"An exceptional talent. Crime fiction doesn't get much better."
Don't Look Back (2014)
Gregg Hurwitz
"Outstanding in every way."
No Time to Die (2014)
Kira Peikoff
The Girl in the Woods (2014)
(Waterman and Stark, book 1)
Gregg Olsen
"Olsen will scare you-and you'll love it."
Land of Careful Shadows (2014)
(Jimmy Vega Mystery, book 1)
Suzanne Chazin
"A tremendous talent."
Leaving Berlin (2014)
Joseph Kanon
"Joseph Kanon owns this corner of the literary landscape."
Vendetta (2014)
(Rio Wray & Mac, book 1)
Dreda Say Mitchell
"Breathless from the first word and thrilling to the last."
The Kind Worth Killing (2015)
(Henry Kimball, book 1)
Peter Swanson
"Chilling and hypnotically suspenseful ... could be an instant classic."
The Friendship of Criminals (2015)
Robert Glinski
"First-rate urban crime...maybe a future classic."
Past Crimes (2015)
(Van Shaw Mystery, book 1)
Glen Erik Hamilton
"A home run off the first pitch - this guy has got what it takes."
Twelve Hours (2015)
(Dan Morgan, book 3)
Leo J Maloney
"A must read!"
Disclaimer (2015)
Renée Knight
"Sensationally good psychological suspense - exactly what a great thriller should be."
Snowblind (2015)
(Dark Iceland, book 1)
Ragnar Jónasson
"A classic crime story . . .first-rate and highly recommended."
The Killing Lessons (2015)
(Valerie Hart, book 1)
Saul Black
"Unbelievably good...this one has it all."
The Organ Broker (2015)
Stu Strumwasser
"Exciting and thought-provoking-the perfect package."
Ruins of War (2015)
(Mason Collins, book 1)
John A Connell
"...this is going to be a must-read series for me."
Pretty Girls (2015)
Karin Slaughter
"Stunning family.... Certain to be a book of the year."
Blood Red (2015)
(Mundy's Landing, book 1)
Wendy Corsi Staub
"Solid-gold suspense!."
Dark Waters (2015)
(Raisa Jordan, book 1)
Chris Goff
"Great characters, action, and location-altogether terrific."
Hollow Man (2015)
(Hollow Man, book 1)
Mark Pryor
"As sharp and slick as a switchblade--both excellent entertainment and an acute psychological portrait. Add Mark Pryor to your must-read list--I have."
The Undoing (2015)
Averil Dean
"Hypnotically suspenseful and truly chilling... A very superior thriller."
The Poison Artist (2016)
Jonathan Moore
"Patient, stylish and incredibly suspenseful."
Where It Hurts (2016)
(Gus Murphy, book 1)
Reed Farrel Coleman
"One of the greatest voices in contemporary crime fiction, and one of the best storytellers too. I loved this book. Nobody does it better."
Pimp (2016)
(Max and Angela, book 4)
Ken Bruen and Jason Starr
"I want to kill these guys-except I can't stop laughing, long enough."
The Plea (2016)
(Eddie Flynn, book 2)
Steve Cavanagh
"This guy is the real deal. Trust me."
Apache Country (2016)
Frederick H Christian
"Gives Elmore Leonard a run for his money as the modern-day master of the western ."
Casting Bones (2016)
(Quentin Archer Mystery, book 1)
Don Bruns
"If you love the crime genre, this is not just highly recommended, but mandatory."
In the Month of the Midnight Sun (2016)
(Svartasen, book 2)
Cecilia Ekbäck
"Exquisitely suspenseful, beautifully written, and highly recommended."
The Couple Next Door (2016)
Shari Lapeña
"Real men read women writers - because of books like this. Trust me."
Deep Six (2016)
(Jake Longly, book 1)
D P Lyle
"We all know Lyle’s erudition and expertise - but who knew he was this funny?"
Nothing Short of Dying (2016)
(Clyde Barr, book 1)
Erik Storey
"Very, very good. It’s all here. Reacher is keeping an eye on this guy. In the rear-view mirror for now, but that’s closer than most."
Arrowood (2016)
Laura McHugh
"Superb and subtle psychological suspense, and a compelling mystery, too . . . I thought I knew who did it, but I was wrong- four times."
The Heavens May Fall (2016)
(Max Rupert and Joe Talbert, book 3)
Allen Eskens
"A mature and sophisticated cops-and-lawyers story, satisfying in every way. I loved it."
Stalked (2016)
(Profiler, book 4)
Elizabeth Heiter
"Suspenseful from the start and intriguing throughout. RECOMMENDED!."
The Book of Mirrors (2017)
E O Chirovici
"Intelligent and sophisticated - a crime story told the way Picasso painted pictures. Highly recommended."
Defender (2017)
(Voices , book 1)
G X Todd
"Compelling, suspenseful, and altogether extraordinary."
The Girl Before (2017)
J P Delaney
"Dazzling-a pitch-perfect thriller."
Gumshoe on the Loose (2017)
(Mortimer Angel, book 3)
Rob Leininger
"...smart, slick, charming, and highly recommended."
In This Grave Hour (2017)
(Maisie Dobbs, book 13)
Jacqueline Winspear
"I am a huge Maisie Dobbs fan."
Sirens (2017)
(Aidan Waits, book 1)
Joseph Knox
"Razor-sharp urban noir - very special indeed."
The Freedom Broker (2017)
(Thea Paris, book 1)
K J Howe
"Razor-sharp and full of you-are-there authenticity.- a superb thriller."
In Farleigh Field (2017)
(Rhys Bowen WW Collection, book 1)
Rhys Bowen
"Instantly absorbing, suspenseful, romantic, and stylish—like binge-watching a great British drama on Masterpiece Theater."
Reconciliation for the Dead (2017)
(Claymore Straker, book 3)
Paul E Hardisty
"A solid, meaty thriller-Hardisty is a fine writer and Straker is a great lead character."
Say Nothing (2017)
Brad Parks
"Outstanding-starts with a bang and gets tenser and tenser."
Crimson Lake (2017)
(Crimson Lake, book 1)
Candice Fox
"One of the best crime thrillers of the year."
Shadow Man (2017)
Alan Drew
"A home run."
You Don't Know Me (2017)
Imran Mahmood
"A daring concept executed to perfection, a hypnotic and authentic voice, and questions for us to answer as readers and people."
The Marsh King's Daughter (2017)
Karen Dionne
"Sensationally good psychological suspense - I loved this book."
Girl Zero (2017)
(Detective Harry Virdee, book 2)
A A Dhand
"Outstanding-relentless, multi-layered suspense."
Before Evil (2017)
(Maggie O'Dell)
Alex Kava
"O'Dell could be Reacher's long-lost twin."
Girl in Snow (2017)
Danya Kukafka
"A sensational debut - great characters, mysteries within mysteries, and page-turning pace. Highly recommended."
Gone to Dust (2017)
(Nils Shapiro, book 1)
Matt Goldman
"A perfect blend of light touch and dark story―I want more of Nils Shapiro."
Death Benefit (2017)
(Elliot Lerner)
Ken Isaacson
"A terrific legal thriller, right up there with the best in the genre."
Gangster Nation (2017)
(Gangsterland, book 2)
Tod Goldberg
"Sal Cupertine is back--and better than ever. I love this guy."
An Unkindness of Ghosts (2017)
Rivers Solomon
"Immediately immersive and sophisticated. This is a phenomenal piece of work."
The Amendment Killer (2017)
(Brooks / Lotello, book 2)
Ronald S Barak
"Tense, timely, and terrific!."
The Innocent Wife (2017)
Amy Lloyd
"You can hear the ominous music from the first line onward - this is a fantastic thriller."
The Last Mrs. Parrish (2017)
(Last Mrs. Parrish, book 1)
Liv Constantine
"Wonderfully plausible, hypnotically compelling, and deliciously chilling and creepy - some of the best psychological suspense you’ll read this year."
Colorado Boulevard (2017)
(Crush , book 3)
Phoef Sutton
"As slick as a switchblade with pearl handles."
Killer Choice (2018)
Tom Hunt
"Terrific…full of shocks and twists you won’t see coming--unputdownable and highly recommended!"
Man on Ice (2018)
(Rake Ozenna, book 1)
Humphrey Hawksley
"A high-stakes, high-octane thriller...My kind of book."
Need to Know (2018)
Karen Cleveland
"Prediction: if you read chapter one, you’ll read chapter two. If you read chapter two, you’ll miss dinner, stay up far too late, and feel tired at work tomorrow. This is that kind of book. Superb."
Two Girls Down (2018)
(Alice Vega, book 1)
Louisa Luna
"Opening this book is like arming a bomb--the suspense is relentless and the payoff is spectacular. Lead character Alice Vega is sensational--I want to see lots more of her."
Agent in Place (2018)
(Gray Man, book 7)
Mark Greaney
"I love the Gray Man."
The Storm King (2018)
Brendan Duffy
"Deeply atmospheric, breathlessly suspenseful, with a ticking clock like no other—a terrific thriller."
Sunburn (2018)
Laura Lippman
"Another extraordinary novel from Laura Lippman - full of just-one-more chapter, stay-up-late suspense, but packed too with nuance, subtlety, observation and humanity. Lippman is a natural storyteller at the height of her powers."
Killing State (2018)
(Michael North, book 1)
Jude O'Reilly and Judith O'Reilly
"A terrific future-shock thriller full of pace, tension, character, and emotion."
Dead Girls (2018)
Graeme Cameron
"Hypnotic and chilling."
The House Swap (2018)
Rebecca Fleet
"A fantastic thriller – dead-on domestic noir, full of tension and surprises. I loved it."
The Louisiana Republic (2018)
Maxim Jakubowski
"An intriguing mixture of past tradition and future-shock dystopia, written by a giant of the genre...highly recommended."
Star of the North (2018)
D B John
"Extraordinary...smart, sophisticated, suspenseful - and important. If you try one new thing this year, make it Star of the North."
Wicked River (2018)
Jenny Milchman
"Shot through with sinister suspense."
The Completionist (2018)
Siobhan Adcock
"Effortlessly and immediately convincing, truly tense and exciting, and important, too—we might be headed right there."
Firefly (2018)
(Paul Samson, book 1)
Henry Porter
"Firefly proves once again that Porter is both his own man and the proud carrier of the flag first unfurled by John le Carre more than fifty years ago. British espionage fiction is the best in the world, and Porter is part of the reason why."
It All Falls Down (2018)
(Nora Watts, book 2)
Sheena Kamal
"A brave, unflinching heroine and brave, unflinching writing adds up to an extraordinary debut - highly recommended."
Murder on the Left Bank (2018)
(Aimee Leduc, book 18)
Cara Black
"One of the very best heroines in crime fiction today."
The Old Religion (2018)
(Tom Killgannon, book 1)
Martyn Waites
"Waites brings all his storytelling talent and experience to this chilling tale."
The Banker's Wife (2018)
Cristina Alger
"Immersive, satisfying, tense--and timely: This is probably happening for real right now."
Maze Master (2018)
Kathleen O'Neal Gear
"Terrific...MAZE MASTER combines wild imagination with solid science and history to create sensational suspense."
Trust Me (2018)
Hank Phillippi Ryan
"Ryan raises the bar sky-high - I knew she was good, but I had no idea she was this good."
Vox (2018)
Christina Dalcher
"VOX is intelligent, suspenseful, provocative, and intensely disturbing – everything a great novel should be."
A Borrowing of Bones (2018)
(Mercy Carr Mystery, book 1)
Paula Munier
"A compelling mix of hard edges and easy charm - I loved this book."
Death on the Edge (2018)
(V.I. Warshawski)
Sara Paretsky
"Sara Paretsky is a genius."
Man of War (2018)
(Eric Steele, book 1)
Sean Parnell
"Fast, hard, and effortlessly authentic."
99 Ways to Die (2018)
(Taipei Night Market, book 3)
Ed Lin
"A unique blend of tension, charm, tragedy and optimism, with characters you'll love, and a setting so real you'll think you've been there."
Black Camp 21 (2018)
Bill Jones
"Excellent-a story told with pace and power...Highly recommended."
An Easy Death (2018)
(Gunnie Rose, book 1)
Charlaine Harris
"Immersive, involving, suspenseful, and intriguing, with a main character you’ll love."
Pulse (2018)
Michael Harvey
"Harvey’s lethal imagination is cranked to eleven in this one . . . his best yet by far. Superb!"
The Night Agent (2019)
Matthew Quirk
"Plenty of breathless one-more-chapter, stay-up-late suspense wrapped around a meaty and timely story ... irresistible."
The Silent Patient (2019)
Alex Michaelides
"Smart, sophisticated suspense - a very fine novel by any standard."
The Taking of Annie Thorne (2019)
C J Tudor
"Some writers have it, and some don't. C. J. Tudor has it big time - The Taking of Annie Thorne is terrific in every way."
Save Me from Dangerous Men (2019)
(Nikki Griffin, book 1)
S A Lelchuk
"Action packed and razor sharp - Jack Reacher would love Nikki Griffin."
Critical Incidents (2019)
(Robin Lyons, book 1)
Lucie Whitehouse
"Seriously good suspense … trust me, you’ll need to know what happens."
The Never Game (2019)
(Colter Shaw, book 1)
Jeffery Deaver
"As always Deaver gets you in his stealthy grip on page one, and then takes you on a wild and inventive ride...this time with new star character Colter Shaw. No one in the world does this kind of thing better than Deaver."
The Escape Room (2019)
Megan Goldin
"Fantastic...one of my favorite books of the year."
Never Have I Ever (2019)
Joshilyn Jackson
"Wonderful—suspense and surprises, real characters, and a scary, ominous backbeat. This feels like the book Jackson was born to write."
Tight Lies (2019)
(Tom Hunter, book 1)
Ted Denton
"Hard, fast and really good!."
True Believer (2019)
(James Reece, book 2)
Jack Carr
"This is seriously good… the suspense is unrelenting, and the tradecraft is so authentic the government will probably ban it – so read it while you can!"
17 Church Row (2019)
James Carol
"Truly sinister."
City of Windows (2019)
(Dr. Lucas Page, book 1)
Robert Pobi
"A tough, wise, knowing narrative voice, a great plot, a great setting, and even better characters - I loved this."
Gone (2019)
(Dr Bloom, book 1)
Leona Deakin
"Fabulous. Beautifully imagined, beautifully written, immediately immersive, and scary as can be."
The Apollo Deception (2019)
Mitch Silver
"A great thriller, worthy of Ian Fleming himself."
The Man on the Street (2019)
(Jimmy Mullen, book 1)
Trevor Wood
"Fresh, original, authentic and gritty - should be an instant classic."
A Slow Fire Burning (2019)
Paula Hawkins
"A Slow Fire Burning twists and turns like a great thriller should, but it's also deep, intelligent and intensely human."
Who Did You Tell? (2019)
Lesley Kara
"Instantly immersive, then intriguing, then insanely suspenseful, then ... the truth.Believe me, Lesley Kara knows what she's doing"
The Family Next Door (2020)
Fiona Cummins
"Trust me - Cummins is a keeper."
Long Bright River (2020)
Liz Moore
"Tough, tense and twisty - but tender, human and deeply affecting, too ... I don't have a sister, but when I finished the book I called my brother, just to hear his voice."
The Wild One (2020)
(Peter Ash, book 5)
Nick Petrie
"Lots of characters get compared to my own Jack Reacher, but Peter Ash is the real deal."
Firewatching (2020)
(Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler, book 1)
Russ Thomas
"A pitch-perfect blend of the best of the old and the best of the new-all traditional strengths and charms are here, with a fresh and relevant twenty-first-century edge. I loved it"
The Last Day (2020)
Andrew Hunter Murray
"Wonderful: boldly imagined and beautifully written - the best future-shock thriller for years."
Last Day (2020)
Luanne Rice
"Lovely, lyrical-and lethal."
No Bad Deed (2020)
Heather Chavez
"A sensational debut - compelling, hypnotic, full of suspense and quiet menace. Don't miss it!"
Darling Rose Gold (2020)
Stephanie Wrobel
"Sensationally good - two complex characters power the story like a nuclear reaction..."
Hide Away (2020)
(Rachel Marin, book 1)
Jason Pinter
"Wow—I knew Pinter was good, but not this good. Hide Away kicks off what should be an amazing new series."
Mortmain Hall (2020)
(Rachel Savernake Golden Age Mysteries, book 2)
Martin Edwards
"A pitch-perfect blend of Golden Age charm and sinister modern suspense."
Privateers (2020)
Charlie Newton
"Newton is the real deal. I'll read anything he writes."
Without Sanction (2020)
(Matt Drake , book 1)
Don Bentley
"Sensationally good—I want more Matt Drake."
A Bad Day for Sunshine (2020)
(Sunshine Vicram, book 1)
Darynda Jones
"A Bad Day For Sunshine is a great day for the rest of us - captivating characters, great writing, pace, humor and suspense."
The Split (2020)
Sharon Bolton
"I'm a huge Sharon Bolton fan, and this is her best yet ... as always, great story, wonderful characters, all floating on a breathless buzz, somewhere between dread and fright."
The Nemesis Manifesto (2020)
(Evan Ryder, book 1)
Eric Van Lustbader
"Lustbader is an automatic buy-today-read author for me."
Safe (2020)
S K Barnett
"Fantastically good—dark yet compellingly upbeat, and insanely suspenseful ... Even the twists have twists."
Blacktop Wasteland (2020)
S A Cosby
"Sensationally good - new, fresh, real, authentic, twisty, with characters and dilemmas that will break your heart."
Chasing Jack (2020)
Parnell Hall
"Pure Parnell Hall - wit, intensity, sharp dialog and vivid characters ... maybe his best yet."
The Revelators (2020)
(Quinn Colson, book 10)
Ace Atkins
"Quinn Colson is my kind of guy. I'd follow him anywhere."
Arkhangel (2020)
(Max McLean, book 3)
James Brabazon
"Don't plan on sleeping."
Knife Edge (2020)
Simon Mayo
"The best kind of thriller - step by all-too-plausible step we're sucked into frantic, breathless action ... Perfect."
Cover Your Tracks (2020)
Daco S Auffenorde
"Sensational- new, fresh, suspenseful, and lead character Margo Fletcher is to die for. I loved this book."
A Song For the Dark Times (2020)
(Inspector Rebus, book 23)
Ian Rankin
"Ian Rankin is a genius."
Death Comes Due (2020)
(James Beck, book 3)
John Clarkson
"Hardboiled urban noir from the pen of a master."
The Man In Milan (2020)
Vito Racanelli
"The perfect thriller for right now ... action, suspense, intrigue - and a journey to a fabulous foreign location."
Exit (2021)
Belinda Bauer
"Bauer's unique trademark strengths make EXIT quirky, charming, intensely human, important . . . and very suspenseful. I loved it."
Never Far Away (2021)
Michael Koryta
"A new Koryta is an automatic must-read for me, but seriously - this one is special. What a ride! It might be the best thriller you'll read this year."
Fatal Intent (2021)
(Kate Downey Medical Mystery, book 1)
Tammy Euliano
"This is terrific—delicious suspense, done-that authenticity, and a great main character in Dr. Kate Downey . . . We want to see more of her."
A Man Named Doll (2021)
(Happy Doll, book 1)
Jonathan Ames
"I loved this book - it's quirky, edgy, charming, funny and serious, all in one. Very highly recommended."
Hold Fast (2021)
(Captain Grey, book 1)
J H Gelernter
"This is superb, like a great Cold War thriller, smart, fast, twisty and dangerous. Highly recommended."
While Justice Sleeps (2021)
(Avery Keene, book 1)
Stacey Abrams
"Glossy, gritty, breathlessly suspenseful, effortlessly authentic, and altogether wonderful. Why am I not surprised?"
Falling (2021)
T J Newman
"Amazing...Intense suspense, shocks, and scares...Chilling."
The Cover Wife (2021)
Dan Fesperman
"Fesperman raises the bar sky-high with this one. Smart, sophisticated, suspenseful, and intensely human. One of the great espionage novels of our time."
Steel Fear (2021)
(Finn Thrillers, book 1)
John David Mann and Brandon Webb
"Sensationally good—an instant classic, maybe an instant legend. Steel Fear takes all the strengths of a traditional thriller and makes them as modern as tomorrow."
Forty Days and Forty Nights (2021)
Amber Edwards and Justin Scott
"Wonderful . . . the river—ominous, atmospheric, somehow inevitable—is so much more than just a part of the story . . . it is the story, in all its might and majesty. Very impressive, and highly recommended."
The Last Mona Lisa (2021)
Jonathan Santlofer
"Fabulous-instantly immersive, intriguing and suspenseful, and expert and authentic too ... only a writer who is also an artist-or an artist who is also a writer-could have pulled it off. This feels like the thriller Santlofer was born to write."
The Dark Remains (2021)
(Jack Laidlaw, book 4)
William McIlvanney and Ian Rankin
Sherlock Holmes and The Eye of Heka (2021)
(Stories from the Notebooks of Dr. John H. Watson)
David Marcum
"Marcum could be today's greatest Sherlockism writer, and Conan Doyle himself would be proud of this story."
The Bloodless Boy (2021)
(Hunt and Hooke, book 1)
Robert J Lloyd
"Wonderfully imagined and wonderfully written, this is an impeccable historical mystery, and also a timely and timeless parable about working inside a paranoid and repressive society. Superb!"
Everyday Kindness (2021)
LJ Ross
"Jack Reacher is a wanderer by choice. Others are homeless through no fault of their own – illness, the loss of a job, the loss of a partner. We need a better system. Buy this book and you'll enjoy some great stories, and you'll help Shelter – our best advocate for housing fairness."
The Enlightenment Project (2021)
Lynn Hightower
"Lynn Hightower is a brave, bold writer - and this spooky, suspenseful masterpiece could be her best yet. Super-recommended!"
A Thousand Steps (2022)
T Jefferson Parker
"Parker already has two or three titles on my all-time best-ever list. . . and now comes A Thousand Steps, which might be his crowning achievement. It's a great story and a nuanced look at the nation in 1968, and above all it proves no one inhabits character as completely and intensely - Matt Anthony is a changing boy in a changing time, and you won't ever forget him."
Undermoney (2022)
Jay Newman
"Essential reading--makes your heart beat faster, like a thriller should, but also teaches you something big, which most thrillers don't."
The Interview (2022)
C M Ewan
"Fantastic, Ewan is a genius."
Our American Friend (2022)
Anna Pitoniak
"Spectacular - a global thriller with pace, tension and ever-higher stakes, born of an intimate and unlikely friendship between two very different women ... the story succeeds on every level."
The Bucharest Dossier (2022)
(Bill Hefflin, book 1)
William Maz
"[The Bucharest Dossier is] an accomplished debut - a love story inside an espionage thriller inside a historical record, with all three elements working together to maximum effect. Very impressive and very recommended."
The Curfew (2022)
T M Logan
"Assured, compelling and hypnotically readable - with a twist at the end I guarantee you won't see coming."
The Lightning Rod (2022)
(Zig and Nola, book 2)
Brad Meltzer
"A terrific compelling, unputdownable thriller."
The Night Shift (2022)
Alex Finlay
"Wow, this is crime fiction at it's best. Instantly immersive, pacy and propulsive, and full of surprises. Alex Finlay is the real deal, believe me."
The Prince (2022)
Dinitia Smith
"Beautiful, elegant, and delicate at the sentence level, and wholly satisfying as a present-day story, this book's true delight is how, in both a literary and an emotional sense, the past informs the present, and the present informs the past--like a Mobius strip lovingly crafted by a Swiss watchmaker."
Twelve Secrets (2022)
(Ben Harper, book 1)
Robert Gold
"Ominous at the beginning, breathless by the end ... this is excellent hardcore suspense."
Jewish Noir 2 (2022)
(Jewish Noir, book 2)
Chantelle Aimee Osman and Kenneth Wishnia
"Some seriously good stuff here... this goy loved it."
One-Shot Harry (2022)
Gary Phillips
"For thirty years Phillips has been a must-read writer, and One-Shot Harry is probably his best ever--tense and suspenseful, of course, but also deep, resonant and intelligent. It's a story that needed to be told, and therefore a book that needs to be read."
Child Zero (2022)
Chris Holm
"Intense, propulsive, provocative - and shot through with the kind of been-there, done-that authenticity and expertise that makes it really scary.... Highly recommended."
Deep Water (2022)
Emma Bamford
"Powered by a subtle, ominous tension. I loved this book."
The Lawless Land (2022)
(Tales of the Lawless Land, book 1)
Beth Morrison and Boyd Morrison
"Fantastic - suspenseful and historically fascinating... Gerard Fox could be Jack Reacher's ancestor, 700 years ago. Highly recommended!"
Two Nights in Lisbon (2022)
Chris Pavone
"Two Nights in Lisbon is sensationally good - timely, important, layered with ticking suspense, driven by an ominous drumbeat that accelerates like a panicked heart. My thriller of the year so far."
The Partisan (2022)
Patrick Worrall
"Immersive, intriguing, and intelligent - incredibly impressive, up there with the best in the genre."
Hide and Seek (2022)
Andrea Mara
"Next-level domestic suspense - even the twists have twists. I loved it - Andrea Mara is a star."
The Coming Darkness (2022)
Greg Mosse
"Superb - there's an ominous drumbeat throughout, and pace and tension, and a subtle and scarily plausible dystopia - and above all there's main character Alex Lamarque, who could be one of the greats. Greg Mosse writes like John Le Carr's hip grandson."
The Lemon (2022)
S E Boyd
"Laugh-out-loud sensational--a nonstop, scalpel-sharp, satirical skewering of, well, everything . . . A whole new genre: sardonic suspense!"
Bombay Monsoon (2022)
James W Ziskin
"[Bombay Monsoon is] intense, atmospheric and intelligent--a superior and rewarding thriller that I'm glad I read."
Death Under a Little Sky (2023)
Stig Abell
"Tense but patient, fast but thoughtful, and twisty but substantial - this is a truly excellent debut, and I want the next installment now."
Small Mercies (2023)
Dennis Lehane
"I would follow Dennis Lehane anywhere."

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