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Lonnie Coleman

USA flag (1920 - 1982)

Born William Laurence "Lonnie" Coleman. American novelist and playwright best known for writing the Beulah Land trilogy. His first novel was published in 1944. Coleman was an associate editor at Ladies Home Journal, 1947-1950, and at Collier's, 1951-1955.

Coleman's 1959 novel "Sam" is considered a groundbreaking novel in American literature in its depiction of homosexuality and metropolitan gay life.

In 1974, his book "Beulah Land" was a New York Times Best Seller. His novels "Beulah Land" and "Look Away, Beulah Land" were filmed in 1980 as the NBC miniseries Beulah Land starring Lesley Ann Warren, Michael Sarrazin. Meredith Baxter, and Don Johnson.

Coleman had three plays produced on Broadway, but none were successful.
   Escape the Thunder (1944)
   The Sea Is a Woman (1947)
     aka Time Moving West
   The Sound of Spanish Voices (1951)
   Clara (1952)
   Adam's Way (1953)
   Ship's Company (1955)
   Hot Spell (1958)
   The Southern Lady (1958)
   Sam (1959)
   The Golden Vanity (1962)
   King (1967)
   Orphan Jim (1975)
   Mark (1981)
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