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book cover of The Crystal Tear

The Crystal Tear

(The first book in the Crystal Tear series)
A novel by

Psychic powers, alien warriors, interplanetary battles, on the run for his life, and a prophesy of doom and destruction that seemed to coil around him at every turn; this was Daniel Cross' life on the planet, Azule, in the year 2341; a little much for a twelve-year-old to handle. It all started when he encountered a being from an ancient race, the oldest and most powerful in the galaxy, the Dark Ones. This creature gives Daniel the Crystal Tear, a psychic weapon of incredible power and overwhelming responsibility, and names him the Finder, a title sought by some and feared by many. "Billions of souls across your galaxy would give anything, everything, to be The Finder and the carrier of the Crystal Tear," the Dark One said with a smokey, melodious voice; almost soothing, yet at the same time terrifying. "Daniel, we have chosen you for this task. We believe that out of all the billions in the galaxy, only you can save the lives that may be lost in the Great Conflict that is to come." The Dark One paused, and then took a step closer to Daniel. "Make no mistake, this great battle is brewing on the horizon of time," the Dark One said into Daniel's mind, the room utterly silent. "It will be here soon," he continued, "and if left unchecked, will cause the deaths of many. Only you and the Crystal Tear can tip the balance and save the billions." The Dark One stepped even closer. He seemed to grow taller and more menacing. "Put it on." Daniel shook his head. "No, I'm afraid," Daniel said aloud, his voice breaking the silence in the room. "PUT IT ON!" the Dark One shouted into the young boy's mind. Daniel slowly lowers the silvery chain over his head, the Crystal Tear settling its cold facets against his chest. In that instant, Daniel Cross changed from a misunderstood twelve-year old with problems and fears like every other kid, to one that was now responsible for stopping a war that would devour the lives of millions. This would force Daniel, a boy who most of the time just wanted to disappear and hide from his fears, to transform into a reluctant hero that will eventually have to face that which terrifies him the most. The story is set on planet Azule, many light-years from Earth. Azule is ruled with an iron fist by a brutal dictator, Alexor Macab. While oppressing the people, Macab uses his pack of vicious psychic Inquisitors to comb the populace for other psychics, Gifted as they're called on Azule, and put them into slave labor, working them to their death for his own greed. Daniel's path will cross with these Inquisitors when they capture a dear friend and doom them to slavery in the crystal mines on planet Kryos, crushing his world to shadowy dust. The guilt and sense of failure over not saving his friend with his Gift will nearly destroy Daniel, driving him to dark levels of self-torment and doubt. But as he flees across the solar system, pursued by the most powerful of these Inquisitors, Daniel will learn how to deal with this guilt with the help of an eight-foot tall insectoid warrior of the Krillian Empire, the most inhuman of creatures yet at the same time the most humane. Daniel will face numerous challenges along this flight, the greatest near the end of his journey where he will have the chance to redeem his failures and make right his wrongs, but at a price, a terrible price. The Crystal Tear is a book about emotions, guilt and fear, uncertainty and doubt, elation and joy. It brings the reader through emotional highs and tearful lows in a roller coaster ride that seems never ending. It's built on a rich tapestry of alien creatures, unique animals and plants, and a detailed pattern of daily life full of the sounds and smells of a distant planet, all of which are formed with such fine and colorful features that the backdrop of the story becomes a character in itself; the canvas on which the tale is painted. You won't be disappointed.


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Paperback Editions

December 2012 : USA Paperback

Title: The Crystal Tear (Volume 1)
Author(s): Mark A Cheverton
ISBN: 1-4812-7081-8 / 978-1-4812-7081-6 (USA edition)
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Availability: Amazon