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Molly Clavering

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Mary 'Molly' Clavering was born in Glasgow in 1900. Her father was a Glasgow businessman, and her mother's grandfather had been a doctor in Moffat, where the author would live for nearly 50 years after World War Two. She had little interest in conventional schooling as a child, but enjoyed studying nature, and read and wrote compulsively, considering herself a 'poetess' by the age of seven. She returned to Scotland after her school days, and published three novels in the late 1920s, as well as being active in her local girl guides and writing two scenarios for ambitious historical pageants. In 1936, the first of four novels under the pseudonym 'B. Mollett' appeared. Molly Clavering's war service in the WRNS interrupted her writing career, and in 1947 she moved to Moffat, in the Scottish border country, where she lived alone, but was active in local community activities. She resumed writing fiction, producing seven post-war novels and numerous serialized novels and novellas in the People's Friend magazine. 
Molly Clavering died in Moffat on February 12, 1995.


   Love Comes Home (1938)
   Mrs. Lorimer's Quiet Summer (1953)
     aka Mrs. Lorimer's Family
   Because of Sam (1954)
   Dear Hugo (1955)
   Near Neighbours (1956)
   Susan Settles Down (2021)
   Touch Not the Nettle (2021)
   Yoked with a Lamb (2021)

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