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Pauline Creeden

Genres: Urban Fantasy, GameLit
   The Clockwork Dragon (2012) (with Lynn Donovan)
   Corsets and Cogs (2018) (with Melle Amade, Angelique Armae, Margo Bond Collins, J A Culican, Blaire Edens, Jayne Fury, Rebekah R Ganiere, Laura Greenwood, Erin Hayes, Melanie Karsak, Julie Morgan, Lexi Ostrow and E B Walters)
   Breathless (2018) (with Catherine Banks, B Brumley, Ava Edwards, Ivy Hearne and Emily Martha Sorensen)
   Bustles and Bells (2018) (with Melle Amade, E B Black, Margo Bond Collins, J A Culican, S J Davis, Laura Greenwood, Erin Hayes, Skye MacKinnon and Lexi Ostrow)
   Game On! (2019) (with Danielle Annett, Sarra Cannon, Alethea Kontis, Stephen Landry, Angel Leya, Marilyn Peake, Alexia Purdy, Avril Sabine and Anthea Sharp)
   Dragons and Mages (2020) (with Mara Amberly, Bokerah Brumley, Mary Kit Caelsto, Margo Bond Collins, Victoria DeLuis, Jocelyn Dex, J E Feldman, Laura Greenwood, C A King, Day Leitao, Sheri-Lynn Marean, Becky Murray, Amy Proebstel, Joynell Schultz, Juliet Vane, Majanka Verstraete and Nicole Zoltack)
   Of Steel and Steam (2020) (with Bokerah Brumley, Margo Bond Collins, J A Cummings, R M Garino, M R Graham, C A King, Klarissa King and Majanka Verstraete)
   Myths and Monsters (2020) (with Mara Amberly, Krista Ames, Leslie Conzatti, Raine English, Tina Glasneck, Lillia Hunter, Toasha Jiordano, C A King, Hannah Lynn, Patricia Mar, Russell Nohelty, Krystal Pena and Majanka Verstraete)
   Of Fables and Fae (2020) (with Bokerah Brumley, Margo Bond Collins, Samantha Coville, Caroline A Gill, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Krystal Pena, Anna Santos, Anthea Sharp and Zoey Xolton)
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