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Wings of Vengeance

(The second book in the Fightin'est Ship in WWII series)
A novel by

There is a price to be paid for treachery… and the balance is due in flame!

The United States is reeling from the terrible shock of December 7, 1941. In one terrible day, the nation finds itself at war while tending to a horrific wound. While the Navy scrambles to piece together its shattered fleet, one man and his carrier burn with a desire to wreak a terrible vengeance on the Empire of Japan.

Vice-Admiral William “Bull” Halsey refuses to take Yamamoto’s attack lying down. He convinces Admiral Nimitz that the only response to Japan’s attack must be a swift and terrible one. With fire in her heart and a bone in her teeth, USS
Enterprise races to sea to become the instrument of Halsey’s fury. Along with her four squadrons of fighters, torpedo planes and bombers, the mighty E is primed to deliver a hard lesson to America’s foes.

In the Marshal Islands, at the atolls of Kwajalein and Maloelap, hundreds of
Enterprise’s aircraft fall upon the Japanese Navy in wave after wave of aerial devastation. Hitting multiple targets hard and fast, Halsey delivers a clear and unmistakable message: We will rain destruction upon you from the sky and nowhere will be safe!

From the Marshals,
Enterprise makes a surprise visit to Wake Atoll where the Japanese have captured the base and the pan-Am facilities. Then they hit Marcus Island, an outpost only 1,300 miles from Hirohito’s doorstep… and this is only the beginning. Join the heroic men of the Big-E as she wheels across the pacific and begins introducing Tojo to the hardest lesson of all – mess with us and we’ll come for you!

Planes roar through the sky, guns blazing and bombs pepper the tropics in this latest WWII thriller.

Genre: Historical

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