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Siobhan Curham

Siobhan Curham is an award-winning novelist, motivational speaker and life coach.

She has written books for adults, young adults and children both fiction and non-fiction and has publishing deals in the UK, France and Germany. Her YA series, Shipwrecked, is currently being developed for television.

She is also a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines and websites and has featured on various TV and radio shows, including the BBC news, BBC Breakfast, GMTV and Womans Hour.

Siobhan also loves helping others dare to love, create and dream. You can find out more over on her award-winning blog, Dare to Dream.

When she isnt playing with words she can usually be found contorted on a yoga mat, listening to crackly music on vinyl or living out her Kids from Fame fantasies, training to become a dance teacher. - See more at:

Genres: Inspirational