Vera Cleaver

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Born in Virgil, South Dakota, on January 6th, Vera Cleaver was a team player. After her first book, The Nurse's Dilemma (1966), most of her magazine articles and 16 novels for children were written with her husband, Bill. They met when he was serving in the US Air Force and their life together took them far and wide - as did their stories.
The Nurse's Dilemma (1966)
Ellen Grae and Lady Ellen Grae (1967) (with Bill Cleaver)
Where the Lillies Bloom (1969) (with Bill Cleaver)
Grover (1970) (with Bill Cleaver)
I Would Rather Be a Turnip (1971) (with Bill Cleaver)
Sugar Blue (1973)
The Whys and Wherefores of Littabelle Lee (1973) (with Bill Cleaver)
Me Too (1973) (with Bill Cleaver)
The Mock Revolt (1974) (with Bill Cleaver)
Dust of the Earth (1975) (with Bill Cleaver)
Trial Valley (1977) (with Bill Cleaver)
Queen of Hearts (1979)
A Little Destiny (1979) (with Bill Cleaver)
The Kissimmee Kid (1981) (with Bill Cleaver)
Hazel Rye (1983)
Sweetly Sings the Donkey (1985)
Moon Lake Angel (1987)
Belle Pruitt (1988)