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William Kent Krueger

USA flag (b.1950)

William Kent Krueger is the award-winning author of the Cork O'Connor novels, including Tamarack County and Windigo Island, as well as the novel Ordinary Grace, winner of the 2014 Edgar Award for best novel. He lives in the Twin Cities with his family.

Genres: Mystery, Historical, Thriller
   Bums (2014)
Non fiction
Anthony Awards Best First Novel winner (1999) : Iron Lake
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (1999) : Iron Lake
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (2000) : Boundary Waters
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (2002) : Purgatory Ridge
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (2005) : Blood Hollow
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (2006) : Mercy Falls
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2008) : Thunder Bay
Dilys Awards Best Book winner (2008) : Thunder Bay
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2009) : Red Knife
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2009) : Red Knife
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (2014) : Ordinary Grace
Barry Awards Best Novel winner (2014) : Ordinary Grace
Dilys Awards Best Book winner (2014) : Ordinary Grace
Edgar Awards Best Novel winner (2014) : Ordinary Grace
Macavity Awards Best Novel winner (2014) : Ordinary Grace

William Kent Krueger recommends
Superior Position (2004)
Evan McNamara
"Evan McNamara delivers like a pro. This is a guy to watch."
The Demon's Parchment (2010)
(Crispin Guest Medieval Noir, book 3)
Jeri Westerson
"So good it's sinful!"
Deadly Currents (2011)
(RM Outdoor Adventures Mystery, book 1)
Beth Groundwater
"Beauty abounds in Beth Groundwater's new novel.  Beauty in the marvelous Colorado landscape, beauty in the symmetry of the story, and beauty in the language itself.  Deadly Currents is a remarkable book by an author who clearly knows and loves her territory.  Don't miss it!"
Washed Up (2011)
(Arvo Thorson, book 1)
Susan Koefod
"A bold new voice in the crime genre."
Hunting Sweetie Rose (2012)
(Dek Elstrom, book 3)
Jack Fredrickson
"Jack Fredrickson is one hell of a writer. This is a book that satisfies on every level."
Stripped Bare (2016)
(Kate Fox Mystery, book 1)
Shannon Baker
"What a joy to discover Kate Fox... Baker offers readers a protagonist and a place they will love coming back to visit boo after book."
Ashes (2017)
Steven Manchester
"Ashes is a story about disappointment, dysfunctional families, and male aging, filled with observations that are both painfully true and terribly funny."
Fateful Mornings (2017)
(Henry Farrell, book 2)
Tom Bouman
"Fateful Mornings is that long-sought-after gem, the place where the literary meets the crime novel in beautiful symmetry. Henry Farrell is an existential everyman, as clueless as the rest of us about life’s meaning, and his so very human stumbling in search of the elusive truths is one of the many beauties of this fine novel."
Little Boy Lost (2017)
J D Trafford
"Little Boy Lost isn’t just an engrossing novel; it’s one that enlightens as well."
The Deep Dark Descending (2017)
(Max Rupert, book 4)
Allen Eskens
"Eskens has conjured up a marvelously black spirit of a novel. It's a taut, intelligent, heart-ripping story that explores the darkest places in the human psyche. After each unexpected twist, you'll tell yourself things can't get any worse. And then they do."
The Secrets on Chicory Lane (2017)
Raymond Benson
"In a bold move away from the thrillers for which he’s best known, Raymond Benson offers readers a heartfelt and tragic tale. Across decades, the dark secrets on Chicory Lane shape and misshape the lives of all who live there. Benson, a master of suspense, has crafted a story as compelling as any thriller but with a depth of feeling few thrillers achieve. And the ending, I guarantee, will leave you breathless."
Two Faced (2018)
(Elaine Hope Mystery, book 2)
A R Ashworth
"A whirlpool of tension."
Last Looks (2018)
(Charlie Waldo, book 1)
Howard Michael Gould
"What a joy, amid all the bland, usual suspects flooding the crime genre, to discover a true standout. Charlie Waldo, the scruffy, eco-maniacal protagonist of Last Looks, is one of the most eccentric and compelling heroes to appear on the literary scene in—well, forever. Howard Michael Gould has penned a joy of a story, with a remarkable supporting case and a wonderfully convoluted plot that zips effortlessly among the Hollywood hills. I loved this book and recommend it with all my heart."
Fatal Judgment (2019)
(Andy Hayes Mystery, book 6)
Andrew Welsh-Huggins
"Andrew Welsh-Huggins proves himself a master of heartland noir."
Arches Enemy (2019)
(National Park Mystery, book 5)
Scott Graham
"Engrossing...a glorious portrait of one of the most compelling landscapes on earth. Graham clearly knows the territory. A topnotch read."

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