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Hank is in the prison yard when the horizon suddenly turns into a pyrotechnic display of fire and brimstone. The guards force the prisoners back inside, but not before Hank sees the prison walls crumble. He is about to escape when a guard stops him.As he is taken back to the cellblock, all he can think about is escaping. He tries to convince the guards in vain that they need to run or they risk death and destruction from whatever is outside.Just when Hank thinks that he has found a way out, things take a turn for the worse and he is pitted against a guard who is just a treacherous as any murderer behind bars. The monster inside Hank calls for the guard's blood while monsters without threaten his life and chaos reigns. In this short story of alien invasion, mayhem, destruction, Hank must walk the line between his moral boundaries and the future, facing his own internal demons as well as enemies on all sides. Fans of action-packed science fiction alien invasion adventures will enjoy this story. Pick up your copy today!Sneak peekThe sky lit up in flame from the corner of my eye. At first, I thought it was a flash of lightning. I turned expecting to see a coming thunderstorm but a wall of fire filled the horizon, reminding me of the alien invasion movies I'd seen as a kid, only those were not as powerful and striking as what now filled the atmosphere. Cries came from the other inmates but I tuned them out, my eyes unable to look away. There was a singular beauty to the event, but it was also indescribable in a way that filled me with utter horror. The prison siren went off. I'd only ever heard it a handful of times. One time, an idiot had tried to make a break for it while we were all in the yard. The guards rushed to surround him but then watched with amusement when he came to the rolls of razor wire at the top of the chain link fence. They had laughed. I didn't get to see what happened next because they rounded us up and sent us inside. The guards claimed he fell but I wasn't so sure. At the very least it was likely they'd done something to make him lose his grip. Another time, we'd all been out in the yard when there had been a tornado alert and I'd heard the same siren.The guards blew whistles and yelled. My fellow inmates ran for the door, but I stood transfixed.

Genre: Science Fiction

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