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Grizzly Wolf

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Jim Cannon and his coworker Melanie have been called in to rescue an injured hiker and his girlfriend. They get out of the car at the trailhead and immediately hear a wolf howling. They don't know what to make of this because wolves disappeared from this section of the forest over a hundred years ago.Armed with a tranquilizer gun and a pistol, and hoping that these weapons will be sufficient should they run into any trouble, they don't make it far before they find the torn up body of a hiker. Fearing the worst, but knowing they still have one hiker to rescue, they push forward at considerable personal risk. Minutes later they come face to face with a wolf-like creature.Jim and Melanie are forced to run for their lives.This story has many twists and turns while they fight for survival. If you enjoy suspenseful monster stories, this story is for you. Fans of monster stories will find this exciting and chilling, while also enjoying the wild ride. Pick up your copy today! Sneak PeekA wolf howled when I stepped out of the beaten Ford Explorer. A shiver ran down my spine as I shut the door. I told myself it was from the chilly evening air, not the wolf, but it was difficult to convince myself of that on a cold, cloudy night. The moon had yet to make an appearance, but I was sure if it did it would be a full moon.Just my luck, I thought. Halloween, a full moon, and I'm rescuing stranded hikers when there are wolves about. It was difficult to keep from grinding my teeth, but somehow, I managed.The animal seemed close but that might have just been a trick of the night. I had become accustomed to the intricacies of the forest over the years. On a cold still night, sound could sometimes carry for miles.The other door shut as Melanie Watkins got out of the passenger side. She stopped, cocked her head to the dark, and listened to the cry. Her black hair was pulled back and tied with a red elastic. She wore her official ranger jacket over blue jeans and a shirt. She had been at a party when I had made contact, but she had readily agreed to come.She hadn't even been with the department for six months, but what she lacked in knowledge and experience, she made up for with a firm determination.I wondered why a woman like her had decided to join the forest service, but I hadn't developed a strong enough relationship with her to actually ask the question. Melanie and I would be safe enough. We didn't look like an easy meal, and we would be armed with a tranq gun, plus the pistol I had put into the bottom of my pack. It was unlikely the wolf would bother us, but if it did, we should be able to scare it off easily enough. I felt bad for the hiker we were going to rescue; he and his girlfriend were probably petrified by the sound that had given us pause.

Genre: Science Fiction

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