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Monster Country: Delivery

(The second book in the Parry Peters Chronicles series)
A Novella by

A smuggler's life is dangerous, especially when he lives in anarchy. Parry Peters is just trying to survive, and there are monsters of all types in the desert...

Parry arrives at the Sullivan compound, intent on delivering his anti-venom. Minutes after his arrival Aleb shows up, and a wave of zombies attacks the compound. The zombie attack seems off, and while the compound is capable of fighting, Parry is soon recruited to join the battle because this is not an ordinary zombie attack.

Just when they believe they have a grip on the situation, another wave of zombies arrive, double the size of the first.

Things take a turn for the worse when zampys jump over the compound walls and start killing people.

Parry must fight for his life as he struggles to make decisions he can live with while coming to terms with those who would let the innocent die to protect their own lives. If you love zombie and monster stories, you'll love this exciting adventure yarn set in a world that is quite unlike anything ever before set to paper. If you like suspenseful zombie stories that end with a bang, this story is for you. Fans of Jurassic Park, the Walking Dead, and World War Z will enjoy this novel. Buy your copy today!

Sneak Peek

The second zampy landed on the back of the jeep.

"How the frick do they keep these things off when they travel?" Parry muttered as he slammed the gas without thinking about it, the needle of the speedometer jumping up and the engine straining with the low gear. The sudden forward movement threw the zampy backward, its teeth narrowly missing Parry's throat.

It had been close enough he could almost feel the creature's saliva dripping down his neck. And while he was sure it was just his imagination, he made a mental note to wipe it down with a bleach wipe at his earliest opportunity.

They hit another bump in the road and this time the zampy fell off the back.

But so did his pack.

Cursing, he slammed on the brakes. His DPMS rifle had stayed where he'd wedged it between the seats, so he grabbed it up as he jumped out of the still-moving vehicle.

He couldn't afford to lose his bag. A man could die out here without the right gear.

Or worse. Convert into a zombie.

So far it appears the jeep does a better job of attracting the monsters than anything else, he thought as he brought his rifle up to his shoulder, flipped off the safety, and squeezed two rounds into the zampy which had righted itself and was charging Parry with a loud roar.

The first bullet tore through its chest, ripping a gaping hole out the back that didn't slow it in the slightest. Its roar turned to a high-pitched scream.

The second round winged its shoulder but it kept coming at him despite the wounds. Two more rounds went into its broken chest before it stopped moving and tumbled to a halt on the pockmarked asphalt.

Genre: Science Fiction

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