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The Phantom Torpedos

(The fifth book in the Red Survivor Mission Chronicles series)
A Novella by

Nick Williams has just returned to the Red Survivor after a successful mission when the ship's alarms go off. The Red Survivor is under attack.

As Nick tries to help Captain Marchant respond to the situation, Marchant becomes unhinged and orders Nick from the bridge. Knowing that Marchant isn't going to budge, Nick leaves the bridge, fearing that they are all about to be destroyed.

Nick must figure out how to work with Marchant while navigating a dangerous situation that might leave them all dead.

In the Red Survivor Mission Chronicles, this is a standalone space opera short story. Fans of space fleet and space opera will enjoy this story, buy your copy today!

Sneak Peek

The bridge was in total chaos when we got off the lift. Watts relieved his subordinate and tried to take control of the situation while Captain Marchant screamed at Ensign Redding for another report.

I looked at the viewscreen and saw that we were facing a group of Plethki ships.

Ten. More uncloaked. Make that twenty.

"Hail the closest ship," Marchant said. "Tell them we are a peacekeeping vessel, dedicated to scientific discovery, and that we are not part of the war effort."

"Captain," I interjected, "are you sure that's wise?"

"Do you have a better idea, Commander?"

"Remind them how we transported the ambassador to the peace talks. We should claim diplomatic status."

"Do you see the ambassador with us?"

"Obviously not, but they don't know that. We must play that up to protect ourselves."

"Thank you, Commander. Do you have any other helpful advice you can offer, or do I have your permission to focus on resolving the situation in a way that will work?"

"Captain," Ensign Redding said, her voice high-pitched in alarm. "They have fired torpedoes."

Genre: Science Fiction

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