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Jaine Diamond

Jaine Diamond is the author of the DEEP erotic military romance series, and the Dirty contemporary rockstar romance series. She is fond of writing the love stories of built and badass men endowed with massive hearts, and strong, complex women she'd love to have a cocktail with.

Inspired by her love affair with Battlestar Galactica (maybe it was the men in uniform...) and some of her earliest literary dabblings into kink (Nine and a Half Weeks, Exit to Eden), she crafted the unique world of DEEP, her erotic debut novel--pairing up a sweetly obedient cadet and a rule-breaking officer on a remote space station steeped in rumors of sadomasochistic naughtiness; add a hot pink dildo, a violated Code of Conduct and some peanut butter ice cream, and the career of a romance author was born.

Jaine lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada with her real-life romantic hero (Mr. Diamond) and their little girl, where she reads, writes, and drinks copious amounts of tea.

Genres: Romance
   1. Deep (2015)
   2. Deeper (2017)