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Pearl Darling loves complicated mysteries, clever villains, and heroes and heroines in hot pursuit. If you could throw in a coach chase and a good old trapped in a coal cellar/cave/cello case moment, she's your fan for life.

Which is a good thing because that's what her books are all about.

Pearl has published seven books, all in the Brambridge Novels series. She's is currently working on another new series, 'The Greenpark Wallflowers' which will start with the explosive 'Lady of the Lock'. Expect more dangerous situations, galloping horses, dastardly knaves and of course, our hero and heroine.

Genres: Historical Romance
   1. Somewhat Scandalous (2016)
   2. Burning Bright (2016)
   3. Dangerous Diana (2016)
   4. Reckless Rules (2016)
   5. Maddening Minx (2017)
   6. Final Flirtation (2018)
   7. Wondrous Web (2019)
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