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Victoria DeLuis

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aka V L Cleave

Victoria DeLuis is a short story author and novelist, who loves reading - everything - and writing urban fantasy, supernatural romantic suspense, cosy mysteries, and the occasional sci-fi.

She was born and raised in South Wales, where she still lives with her husband, daughter, three overlord cats and a doting dog. This offers her a rich heritage and mythology to use in her stories.

After the birth of her fabulous daughter, she decided to abandon the corporate life, return to education, and pursue her lifelong passion for writing. She studied creative writing and gained a first class honours degree. After which, she put on a brave face and headed out into the big scary world of publishing.

She is now busy, busy, busy: Being a mum, writing (and doing all the additional tasks that come with publishing), and running her small book promotion site. She has also just completed her Master's Degree in Novel Writing.

Amongst other writings, Victoria i has just completed the final book in the Rune Witch Mysteries and is working on the first full-length novel in the Independent Necromancer's Bureau Series.

Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal Romance
Rune Witch Mysteries
   1. The Case of the Goblin Girl (2017)
     aka Taken
   2. The Case of the Fairy Lord (2017)
     aka Hidden
   3. The Case of the Family Curse (2018)
     aka Forgotten
   4. Unbroken (2019)
Relic Guardians (with Meg Cowley)
   1. Ancient Magic (2017)
   2. Hidden Magic (2017)
   3. Cursed Magic (2017)
   4. Gathered Magic (2019)
Silure Dragon
   Exile (2020)
   Glimpses (2017) (with others)

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