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The Fuzzy Conundrum

(The sixth book in the Fuzzy Sapiens series)
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The Fuzzy Conundrum, by John F. Carr and Wolfgang Diehr, is the 6th book in the Little Fuzzy series, featuring Jack Holloway and Little Fuzzy, created by H. Beam Piper. Piper began the series with Little Fuzzy and followed the first book up with Fuzzy Sapiens and Fuzzies and Other People (released 2 decades after his unfortunate death). Wolfgang Diehr continued the series with Fuzzy Ergo Sum and Caveat Fuzzy.

At the end of Caveat Fuzzy, it appeared that things had settled down on Zarathustra since the slavers’ reign of terror at the Fuzzy Reservation was brought to a halt. But it is only the calm before the storm. Suddenly, Fuzzies are disappearing from the Reservation, while people are spacing in from all over the Terran Federation to the colony planet of Zarathustra. The question is why?

Hundreds of spaceships, from luxurious yachts to rusty freighters, are orbiting Mallorysport and flooding the spaceport with visitors. And they only want one thing: their very own Fuzzy! Fuzzies are the cutest, cuddliest and most intelligent pets in all of known space. Now, on top of that, owning one has become the ultimate status symbol on Terra.

Jack Holloway is at his wits’ end. Even if he wanted to, there’s no way he, or anyone else, could allow this swarm of tourists to each have their very own Fuzzy. There just aren’t enough of the little critters to go around; plus, the free Fuzzies living on north Beta continent don’t want a thing to do with the Big Bad Ones.

However, there are a number of low-life characters who are attempting to abduct as many Fuzzies as they can for transport to Terra. Moreover, there is a new danger to Fuzzies that travel off-world: Jack and company had better figure it out before they unwittingly drive the Fuzzies to extinction!

Genre: Science Fiction

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