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Award Winning Author Anne Elizabeth is the creator of the PULSE comic book world and a romance writer. She is a member of the Author's Guild and Romance Writers of America as well as a regular presenter at the RT BOOK Lovers Convention. Her educational background is a BS in Business and MS in Communications from Boston University and over a decade and a half in the corporate and private business sectors. Her husband is a retired Navy Seal and they are active in the West Coast community. Look for her at the Comic Con International in San Diego. Her motto is "Passion is the breath of life. Live boldly!

Genres: Romance
   Recipe for Love (2007) (with Kristi Ahlers, Amy Blizzard, Gerri Bowen, Leanne Burroughs, Billie Warren Chai, Victoria Houseman, Jaquelin Lorin, Deborah MacGillivray, Diane D White and Diane Davis White)
   Operation: L.O.V.E. (2008) (with C H Admirand, Lindsay Downs and Tara Nina)
   Holiday Op (2009) (with Lori Avocato, Lia DeAngelo, DC DeVane, Elizabeth Anne Hull and Tara Nina)
   For Your Heart Only (2010) (with Tara Nina)
   The Way of the Warrior (2015) (with Suzanne Brockmann, M L Buchman, Lea Griffith, Catherine Mann, Kate SeRine, Tina Wainscott and Julie Ann Walker)