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Phillip Margolin

(Phillip Michael Margolin)
USA flag (b.1944)

Phillip Margolin is a criminal defence attorney who has defended several people accused of murder.

Genres: Mystery, Young Adult Fiction
Phillip Margolin recommends
Guilty As Sin (1996)
(Deer Lake, book 2)
Tami Hoag
"A chilling study of evil that holds the reader until the shocking surprise ending."
The Thirteenth Hour (1996)
Barbara Sofer
"A fast-moving and intelligent thriller."
Sacrifice (1997)
Mitchell Smith
"A powerful thriller."
Omega (1997)
Patrick Lynch (Gary Humphreys)
"The suspense builds and builds... terrifying."
Angle of Impact (1998)
Bonnie MacDougal
"Starts fast and keeps moving... Gives readers an insider's view of the way big law firms try big cases."
Gideon (1999)
Russell Andrews
"A compelling pageturner."
In Her Defense (2000)
Stephen Horn
"Great fun, a legal thriller with real surprises."
Savage Art (2000)
Danielle Girard
"Gripping... Scary... kept me reading until the end."
Cold Justice (2002)
(Kali O'Brien, book 5)
Jonnie Jacobs
"Tense and clever..."
Juror Number Eleven (2002)
(Mairead O'Clare legal thriller, book 2)
Terry Devane
"A heroine you can root for."
Ironfire (2003)
David Ball
"An epic adventure with action, suspense, and romance. David Ball brings alive sultan's palaces, the world of corsairs and knights and the realities of 16th-century medicine and combat."
Final Target (2010)
(Graham Gage, book 1)
Steven Gore
"An action-packed debut thriller."
Crashers (2010)
(Crashers, book 1)
Dana Haynes
Hush Money (2012)
(Jack MacTaggart Mysteries, book 1)
Chuck Greaves
"Hush Money is a fast-paced, funny mystery."
Midnight (2013)
Kevin Egan
"Alfred Hitchcock would have loved Midnight's twisty, original plot."
The Semper Sonnet (2016)
Seth Margolis
"The Semper Sonnet is a wildly imaginative thriller that fans of Dan Brown and Steve Berry will love."
The Clockwork Dynasty (2017)
Daniel H Wilson
"In The Clockwork Dynasty, Daniel Wilson, the king of the robothriller, mixes robots, history and non-stop action to create a thoroughly original plot. Think The Terminator meets Indiana Jones with a crash course in history thrown in. A thoroughly enjoyable read."
Gone to Dust (2017)
(Nils Shapiro, book 1)
Matt Goldman
"A clever mystery that starts with a unique crime scene, mixes in a package of red herrings, and tops off the plot with Nils Shapiro, a private eye who is as interesting as his name."
Heaven's Crooked Finger (2017)
(Earl Marcus Mystery, book 1)
Hank Early
"Can the dead come back to life? That's the question PI Earl Marcus has to answer when he returns to the creepy town in rural Georgia he left thirty years before to find out if his recently deceased father - the maniacal leader of a religious cult - has fulfilled his promise to return after he dies. Heaven's Crooked Finger has action, suspense and a cracking good mystery. By the way, if you are afraid of snakes, don't read this book."
The Children's Game (2018)
Max Karpov
"The Children's Game is a well-written, thought-provoking thriller that is extremely timely in light of the allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election."
We, the Jury (2018)
Robert Rotstein
"We, the Jury is an exceptional legal thriller that is told from multiple viewpoints during jury deliberations in a major murder case. I found myself changing my opinion on the defendant's guilt or innocence until the surprise ending."
The Nowhere Child (2019)
Christian White
"The Nowhere Child is a well-written thriller that avoids the clichés of the genre. The characters are interesting and believable and the book kept me reading up to the satisfying conclusion."

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