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Different Floors

A collection of stories by

What will your pleasure be?

Contained within are the following stories, each with a horrifying sting - from the maddening hell of isolation, to deals made with the devil, spitting revenge, to spores in the air ... stories that are twisted and humorous, and sickening and tragic. There's something for everyone on one floor or the next.

Below Ground

Carrie is night security at a facility that does God-only-knows what. Her husband is an arsehole. Her kid misses her.
And now she’s all alone.
These things have come from somewhere, and she’s trapped, and alone. And scared. All Hell has broken loose on the surface, and she doesn’t know if she’s the last one left.
She doesn’t know how long the facility will last. How long the lights will stay on. How long she can stave off those things…

A Barrel Full of Babies

Terry has a barrel in the back of his truck. He regularly goes and gets a barrel, before stopping off and watching a film at the cinema, and going and seeing his old mum. He doesn’t know much about the barrel. His wife, Daisy, organises it.
He loves Daisy. And their kiddo, Gerald.
Then he has to deal with the barrel, and the contents.
But today is Gerald’s birthday. And they have company for dinner. Which is bad. Very bad.
Consider this a trigger warning … for dead baby jokes.


Vanessa is starting her day like any other. The baby is crying. Her mother has yet another man in the house. The ceiling is damp.
There’s a mould growing. One she studies, needs to clean, but the spores are already there, everywhere.
And they change you.
Mould is about the end of all things. About the change. The new world order.
One created through violence and sex.

No Going On

Ah … the games we play at the end of the world …
You see, it’s just me and Glasses, and Puffer boy … and that other guy. And here we are, sitting in a garage at the end of the world. A thousand things trying to eats us … all the while we’re sitting here, playing a game. Telling stories about how we got here … knowing it’s all going to end …
… soon enough.
Trip the light fandango with extreme horror/comedy: No Going On.
Consider this a trigger warning for everything.

A Hard Woman

A Hard Woman contains scenes of a disturbing nature and is not for everyone. Consider this a trigger warning for everything …
My husband, our baby, and I.
Life was perfect, or close to it, even though we had our little knocks. Some of those little knocks led from one thing to another, and we ended up in a rundown tower block. Yet still nothing could shake my happiness.
Not until one night.
When everything was taken from me.


Totally depraved, with some of the funniest, sickest shit, Ericmore has ever written – Vile is the horror comedy that will leave you gagging … for more.
Joe Nobody, pissed up and ready for anything, finds himself in the midst of a cat and mouse game between a spy and an international terrorist cell. Or does he? Nobody knows.
Or he doesn’t.
Full of gore and more, this will leave you wet in the pants. British pants. Yeah.

Genre: Horror

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