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Everly Frost

Everly Frost once wore a t-shirt with "geek girl" on it and felt right at home in it. She loves soaring forests, brilliant sunrises, and clouds that form the shapes of dragons. Somehow, she never finishes a cup of coffee.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Shadows and Sorcery (2019) (with Heather Marie Adkins, Jolie St Amant, Bella Andrews, Linzi Baxter, Samantha Britt, Harper A Brooks, Elle Cross, C C Dowling, Dorothy Dreyer, Lexi C Foss, Khardine Gray, Jen L Grey, Emma Hamm, Jenna Lee Joyce, Nicole Kelley, S Lawrence, Miranda Lynn, Lexi Ostrow, Dani René, Alex H Singh, D A Stein, J R Thorn, Brea Viragh, Caleb Wachter, Mikel J Wilson and Yumoyori Wilson)