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Patricia Briggs is the #1 New York Times best selling author of the Mercy Thompson series and has written twenty four novels to date; she is currently writing novel number twenty five. She has short stories in several anthologies, as well as a series of comic books and graphic novels based on her Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series. Patty began her career writing traditional high fantasy novels in 1993, and shifted gears in 2006 to write urban fantasy. Moon Called was the first of her signature series about Mercy; the non-stop adventure left readers wanting more and word of this exciting new urban fantasy series about a shape-shifting mechanic spread quickly. The series has continued to grow in popularity with the release of each book. Patty also writes the Alpha and Omega series, which are set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson novels; what began as a novella expanded into a full new series, all of which debuted on the NY Times bestsellers list as well.

Patty was born in Butte, Montana, back in 1965. If you’re good at math, you’ll have deduced that she’s currently twenty-nine. In fact, she’s been twenty-nine for a while and has no intention of getting any older. Fiction authors don’t obey the laws of space and time, they invent them. Don’t argue, or she’ll make up a dragon right behind you . . .

Patricia was born book-privileged. Her mother was a school librarian, and she shared a room with an older sister who loved to read. Long after they had been put to bed, her sister would use the small night light to read Patty stories; her early favorites were fairy tales. Knights and castles, fair maidens, and monsters of every ilk became their nighttime companions.

Soon, Patty learned to read, and whole worlds were hers to explore. She rode on the Black Stallion, and flew the skies of Pern on a dragon. Sometime during that period she stumbled onto a treasure trove. Her older sister had begun collecting comic books; pristine originals were place in cellophane sleeves and organized in cardboard boxes. When her sister was away, they were removed by grubby fingers smeared with peanut butter and jelly for a clandestine read, returning with a faint smudges and wrinkled pages from reading under the covers. To this day, her sister periodically calls Patty and tells her how much more her original copies of the X-Men would have been worth if left pristine in their sleeves. The number keeps going up.

Patty is a prevarication professional. She lies for a living, telling whoppers and fibs so outrageous that people pay her to fib some more. Her only concession to honesty is that she tells people she’s lying to them, which is what separates a fiction author from a politician. She loves to play with her imaginary friends, and meeting with readers who know her imaginary friends is a treat. Her biggest complaint with writing is that she has far more ideas for stories than time to write them.

Patty and her family reside in Eastern Washington near Tri-Cities, home of Mercy Thompson; yes, it's a real place! When not working on the next book, she can be found playing truant out in her horse pastures, playing with the newest babies.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
   1. Masques (1993)
   2. Wolfsbane (2010)
   3. Steal the Dragon (1995)
   4. When Demons Walk (1998)
Mercy Thompson
   1. Moon Called (2006)
   2. Blood Bound (2007)
   3. Iron Kissed (2008)
   4. Bone Crossed (2009)
   5. Silver Borne (2010)
   6. River Marked (2011)
   7. Frost Burned (2013)
   8. Night Broken (2014)
   9. Fire Touched (2016)
   10. Silence Fallen (2017)
   11. Storm Cursed (2019)
   12. Smoke Bitten (2020)
   13. Soul Taken (2022)
   Shifting Shadows (2014)
Alpha and Omega
   0.5. Alpha & Omega (2008)
   1. Cry Wolf (2008)
   2. Hunting Ground (2009)
   3. Fair Game (2012)
   4. Dead Heat (2015)
   5. Burn Bright (2018)
   6. Wild Sign (2021)
Patricia Briggs recommends
Hidden Truth (2002)
(Truth , book 2)
Dawn Cook
"Characters to cheer for."
Magic Bites (2007)
(Kate Daniels, book 1)
Ilona Andrews
"Splendid... an edgy, dark fantasy touched with just the right amount of humor."
Shadows Past (2008)
(Borderlands , book 3)
Lorna Freeman
"A terrific storyteller who combines drama with whimsy, high fantasy with military action."
Magic to the Bone (2008)
(Allie Beckstrom, book 1)
Devon Monk
"Loved it, fiendishly original."
Blue Diablo (2009)
(Corine Solomon, book 1)
Ann Aguirre
"Outstanding and delicious. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next."
The Turning Tide (2009)
(Crosspointe, book 3)
Diana Pharaoh Francis
"An original world."
Three Days to Dead (2009)
(Dreg City, book 1)
Kelly Meding
"Gritty, imaginative, and a terrific read."
Battle of the Network Zombies (2010)
(Amanda Feral, book 3)
Mark Henry
"Fun, fun stuff. I'll never think of zombies in quite the same way again..."
Glimpses (2010)
Lynn Flewelling
"Glimpses is a terrific collection, lovingly illustrated, a gift to all of us who love the Nightrunners. This rocks."
Grave Witch (2010)
(Alex Craft, book 1)
Kalayna Price
"A rare treat, intriguing and original. Don't miss this one."
Passion Play (2010)
(River of Souls, book 1)
Beth Bernobich
"Passionate, articulate, clever, this book sings. A marvelous debut novel."
Forest Moon Rising (2011)
(Tess Noncoire, book 4)
P R Frost (Irene Radford)
"Sit down, belt in, and hang on for a wild ride. Frost is an innovative and welcome new voice in urban fantasy."
Blood Rights (2011)
(House of Comarre, book 1)
Kristen Painter
"Passion and murder, vampires and courtesans - original and un-put-downable."
Wide Open (2012)
(Wide Open, book 1)
Deborah Coates
"Wide Open is a good read."
Blade Song (2012)
(Colbana Files, book 1)
J C Daniels
"Do yourself a favor and read this book. This story is original and hard-hitting with terrific world building and some of the best characters I've read. Yum."
The Trouble with Fate (2012)
(Mystwalker, book 1)
Leigh Evans
"A true storyteller with a tough heroine and an original and engrossing tale. Reader beware, if you pick up a Leigh Evans book, you won't put it down until the last page."
Warfare and Sin City (2013)
(Marked , book 4)
S J Day
The Hanged Man (2015)
(On Her Majesty's Psychic Service, book 1)
P N Elrod
"Murder, mayhem and tea—a well-bred Victorian urban fantasy thriller. Prepare, o reader, to be enthralled."
Linesman (2015)
(Linesman, book 1)
S K Dunstall
"S.K. Dunstall’s new series is fascinating and fun: rich with that sense of wonder that makes SF delightful."
The Aeronaut's Windlass (2015)
Jim Butcher
"Wow. Just wow. Beware fellow readers, herein lies adventure that will keep you from food or rest…It is as if Jules Verne, H. Rider Haggard, Patrick O’Brien and...well, Jim Butcher all got together and wrote a book. Steampunk done very, very right. Butcher proves yet again that he is an amazing storyteller."
Grimm's End (2015)
(Grimm's Circle, book 9)
Shiloh Walker
"Shiloh Walker is my favorite kind of writer...a storyteller."
The Girl with Ghost Eyes (2015)
(Daoshi Chronicles, book 1)
M H Boroson
"Martial arts and Asian magic set in Old San Francisco...A fresh take on urban fantasy that kept me up late to finish."
In Shining Armor (2016)
(Pax Arcana, book 4)
Elliott James
"If you are (like me) waiting for the next Butcher or Hearne-pick up Elliott James. Then you can bite your nails waiting for the next James, too."
Moonshadow (2016)
(Moonshadow , book 1)
Thea Harrison
"Moonshadow is exactly what I expect of a Thea Harrison story, a stay-up-all-night read. Marvelous characters, lots of action and romance, and just the right touch of humor. This one goes on my keeper shelf. I loved this book."
The Guns Above (2017)
(Signal Airship, book 1)
Robyn Bennis
"Full of sass and terrific characters. Great storytelling. Loved it."
World Tree Girl (2017)
(Shadow Valley Manor, book 2)
Kerry Schafer
"If you like X-Files and Liona Andrews, you'll love this awesome, well-crafted and unusual tale!."
Bannon & Clare: The Complete Series (2018)
(Bannon and Clare)
Lilith Saintcrow
"Rockets through a Britain-that-wasn't with magic and industrial mayhem...Genius."
Bystander 27 (2020)
Rik Hoskin
"Wow! What a ride! Twisty, sneaky awesome book of superheroness with a dash of humor, mystery and thriller and completely different than anything you've ever read. Fun stuff! For comic book fans, for Marvel fans, for Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog fans."
The Bright and Breaking Sea (2020)
(Captain Kit Brightling, book 1)
Chloe Neill
"Magic and sea battles set in a world that gives more than a nod to the Napoleonic wars--entertaining and fun!"
Radiants (2021)
(Radiants, book 1)
David B Coe
"Grabbed me and didn't let go!."

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