Lyn Forester

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Lyn Forester graduated with a Bachelor in English and an Associates in Graphic Design. She worked in the graphic design industry for ten years before deciding to pursue her other life long dream of becoming a writer. She grew up reading mostly fantasy books, though later in life found a love of urban fantasy and science fiction. She currently works from her home in Washington State where she squeezes in writing time around a busy schedule. When not working, she can be found experimenting with new recipes, reading, or playing video games and the occasional board game.

Genres: Paranormal Romance
Falling For Them Volume 2 (2017) (with Nikki Bolvair, L A Boruff, LA Kirk, HL Nighbor, Amanda Perry and K Swanson)
Nip of Frost (2017) (with JL Akins, Nikki Bolvair, HK Khan, LA Kirk, ZL Morris, HL Nighbor, Amy Sumida, K Swanson and Arizona Tape)
Falling For Them Volume 4 (2018) (with Nikki Bolvair, Sofia Ann Hoffman, LA Kirk, Kendra Moreno and Lili Zander)
In the Shadows (2019) (with Heather Marie Adkins, Dorothy Dreyer, LA Kirk, S Lawrence, Lexi Ostrow and Brea Viragh)